St-André Luminaires by Atelier FILZ

To integrate softly with the eventful composition of a staircase

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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在由Microclimat Architecture完成的扩建项目中,业主希望通过在建筑中心的楼梯处加一盏灯,从而使空间显得更加完整。基于新的居住空间,这款照明装置以一种柔和的姿态融入了楼梯所在的场景之中,并充分利用了9米高的自由空间。

To complement the expansion made by Microclimat Architecture, the owners wanted to fill the void in the center of the staircase by inserting a luminaire. Inspired by the architecture of the new living spaces, the luminous installation seeks to integrate softly with the eventful composition of the staircase and take advantage of the nine meters free space to deploy.







It is thus through a dialogue as material as graphic that the installation takes place. One can see, in a slender gesture, the roundness of the wood and the steel mingling with the jerky and sharp edges of the steps and the railing. Carefully made by a skilled woodworker, the beech heads precisely marry the light insertion in order to match the accuracy of the assembly of the staircase. Once lit, the installation offers a soft and punctual light, accompanying us in the ascent and descent of the sculptural staircase.





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