Square space, China by AW DESIGN

To break through techniques, break through conventions, seek for differentiation, and make creative expression.

Project Specs


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We build anything with respect to order and piety and integrity, which we don’t want to break. While we are engaged in design work, we need to break through techniques, break through conventions, seek for differentiation, and make creative expression.


去年6月收到甲方设计邀请的时候是有一点无从下手,这是尔我第一次接到门窗系统展厅的项目,对于梳理这类项目的设计逻辑,我们显得没那么自信。 我们用了很长的时间来归纳产品的属性,来挖掘我们对于这类空间独特的视角。 在着手平面之前,我们需要有很清楚的思维脉络,才能顺延整个布局,而找到那个原点,花费了我们比制图更多的精力。

Last June received party a’s design is a bit do not know how to start, this is the first time, I received a hall doors and Windows system project, comb for logic design of this kind of project, we look less confident. We spent a long time summarizing the attributes of the product to explore our unique perspective on such Spaces. Before we get to the plane, we need to have a very clear thought process to extend the entire layout, and finding that origin takes more effort than mapping.

▼入口细节,detail of the entrance



I don’t want to do the design of the transition, more is to want to product attributes in the physical form into use in the space, not constrained by the behavior of touching to feel the product, the temperament of space to echo characteristics of the products, compatibility and incompatibility between isolated.

▼大面积的空间留白,leaving blank the space


The door and window system is a particularly important link in the whole residential system, which carries the firmness, safety and malleability of the building space. We take the square space block as the design language to expound, it is similar in shape, square and solid. Also like an extension of the inner space, to the inside and build, to the outside and live, and the product system of the door and window is exactly such an open and close barrier, connecting the space inside and outside. From the point of view of my design, the square object in the middle of the space is better than the house in the shape of an image. The difference of the ground material gives it a stronger sense of form.

▼将门窗系统融入空间之中,the door and window system are blending in the space


And the white of large area is the medium that gives a space to breathe, it left the space to show as far as possible, take concealed existence feeling as the background to go with the scale that product builds a space and aesthetic feeling.

▼空间细节,detail of the space


参与设计:Zora 贾翔
主要材料:艺术涂料 钢板 混凝土
Project: Square sapce / Gaosi window system
Architecture Design: AW DESIGN
Master case Designer:PENGWEN DING .
Assistant Designer:Zora . JIA XIANG.
Built Area: 200 Square meters
Completion: 2017.07
Photographer : CONG LIN
Main material:Art paint,steel plate,concrete

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