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新冠疫情改变了销售模式,很多品牌纷纷从线下转变为线上,传统销售功能的线下商店已不再引起消费者的兴趣。想要振兴线下商店,需要植入更多引人注目的特别之处。Spyder Haven商店位于京畿道南杨州市,是一家顺应新时期需求的特惠店,提供了丰富的体育和文化空间。

Lots of brands are moving from offline shops to online shops with the trend of untact society resulted from COVID-19. Consumers are no longer interested in offline shops that only sell products. To revive offline shops, there should be special factors except selling only products that can attract consumers. Spyder Haven, located in Namyangju city, Gyeonggi do, plays its role as a complex sports and culture space as well as an outlet shop meeting the trend.

▼建筑概览,overview © Yong-joon Choi

建筑的设计概念为“The Power of Core”。Spyder品牌以“LIMITLESS”为口号,意在表明品牌发展的内在动力就是不断挑战极限。Spyder Haven商店旨在成为社区的活动中心,满足大众的需求。向上伸展的管状结构仿佛蛛网,强调了立面,在视觉上给人留下强烈的品牌印象。建筑自然环保,顺应周边环境,成功塑造了Spyder Haven的品牌形象。商店外的体育场可以举办五人制足球比赛,定制训练课程。因此除购物外,顾客还可以来此参与比赛与课程,通过一系列活动加深对品牌的理解。Spyder Haven吸引着不同需求的人们来此参观。

The design concept is ‘The Power of Core.’ The slogan of Spyder brand is ‘LIMITLESS’. It shows the source of hidden power of Spyders that challenges limit. It suggests that a brand can satisfy consumers with the space of Spyder Haven as a community hub. Atypical shape of pipe structures that stretch upward emphasizes facade design showing spider’s web. It also visually shows strong image of the brand at the same time. It is nature friendly not damaging the surrounding environment. The design is easy to recognize so that it can transfer the identity of Spyder Haven.They provide futsal game and training programs at the stadium outside the shop so that the customers can participate in the league and classes not just purchasing goods. They can positively participate and understand the brand through the programs. It will naturally attract the customers who have different purposes to visit the place.

▼醒目的“蜘蛛网”,eye-catching “spider web” © Yong-joon Choi


If you enter into the futsal stadium, there are two buildings. One is for outlet and another is studio. It used stud as finishing materials for the outlet which has the main goal of selling products. People can get the image of rough space with the densely arranged studs that are attached to the wall vertically. They can use the walls flexibly if necessary using the channel system inserted regularly between studs. It accomplished unique and strong image with hanger design that makes uses of rack furniture.

▼风格独特的卖场空间,unique outlet space © Yong-joon Choi

▼精心设计的服装展架,well-designed clothing display rack © Yong-joon Choi

the flexibly adjusted display rack © Yong-joon Choi

“Studio”的内部空间十分丰富,不仅为Spyder Korea举办的体育联赛提供了场地,还是摄影和拍摄youtube影片的好去处。此外,Studio还可以作为“Spyder Lap”使用。天花板上的桁架结构支持安装舞台照明,操作简单,能让顾客享受到更加缤纷多彩的活动。

Studio is a complex space that can accommodate sports leagues held by Spyder Korea, youtube filming and taking pictures. It can also be used as Spyder Lap. They can install stage lightings using the truss structure on the ceiling. With its minimal finish, they can enjoy variety of contents activities.

▼舞台上演更丰富的活动,stage lightings for variety of activities © Yong-joon Choi

值得一提的是,在Spyder Haven特惠店内环顾四周,可以看到许多利用工业材料制造的独特设计。这些设计体现出疫情后品牌更加多样化的发展路线。

It is significant that Spyder Haven is an outlet space with unique design using industrial materials that we can see easily around us. It provides consumers with variety of contents so that people can see the direction of the brand after Corona pandemic.

▼细部,品牌展示,detail, brand display © Yong-joon Choi

▼细部,展墙的金属材质,detail, the metal display wall © Yong-joon Choi

▼夜景,night view © Yong-joon Choi

plan © Betwin Space Design

▼立面图,elevations © Betwin Space Design

Client: Spyder Korea (Global Brandsgroup, Ltd.)
Project Name: Spyder Haven Store
Spatial Design : Betwin Space Design (www.betwin.kr)
Location : 1182-35, Sure-ro, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Use : Spyder Outlet Store & Complex Sports Cultural space
Area : 224sqm(67py)
Completion : June 2020
Finishing materials   -Floor: Epoxy
-Wall: Stud, CRC Board, Paint
-Ceiling: Paint
Photographer : Yong-joon Choi

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