Sports complex and school canteen by Heams et Michel

The height disparity creates a clever public space.

Project Specs


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项目是一处包含学校食堂在内的体育综合设施,位于戛纳和格拉斯之间一个名叫 Châteauneuf-de-Grasse 村庄内部的高地上。拟建的位置是村庄入口处的停车场,靠近小学和当地的运动场,场地有较小的坡度。

Between Cannes and Grasse, the village of Châteauneuf-de-Grasse is perched on the heights of the hinterland. The proposed site is located on a parking at the entrance of the village, near the elementary school and sports fields. Its topography shows a slight slope.



It is bordered by the intersection of two roads in the upper part and tennis courts in the lower part. The municipality wanted to build a sports pole (dojo, yoga room, club house) near the tennis courts as well as a collective kitchen and a school canteen in relation to the school of the village.

▼建筑外侧的道路,the intersection of two roads in the upper part outside the building




The project is an “L” shape align with existing roads. We took advantage of the natural slope of the land to manage the programatic mix. The project takes place on the slope, is built on two levels and reveals two distinct volumes.

▼上下层不同的体量,the different volumes of the two levels

▼悬挑在外的上层建筑形成的门廊,the porch formed by the hanging-over upper level



The kitchen and school canteen as well as the clubhouse are located in the lower part of the volume and form the subbasement of the project. It forms a stone wall and hangs the project on the ground, in the continuity of stone retaining walls that characterize the landscape of the village. The roof of the clubhouse generates a front entrance for the program of the floor related to sports activities (dojo and dance hall).

▼上层的入口门廊,the entrance corridoe on the upper level

▼道场,the dojo

▼建筑内部的空间,the interior


This white volume has very few window. Cantilevered over the subbasement in stone, it operates a game of contrast while emphasizing the contemporary aspect of the project. Out of all demonstration, We have taken advantage of the constraints without pouring into the exceptional.


▼底层平面,first floor plan

▼二层平米,second floor plan


Project Name: Sports complex and school canteen
Program: Dojo, Yoga room, collective kitchen and school canteen, club house
Location: Châteauneuf-de-Grasse, France

Architects: Heams et Michel, Architectes
Engineers: Daudin, Bertuli, Paillard, HmQE, ICBat.

Client: City of Châteauneuf-de-Grasse. Project area : 1 100 m2
Design Period: 2015 Completion Period : 2017
Photos: Milène SERVELLE

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