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由Bryony Roberts工作室依据场地特征而打造的建筑装置“柔软城市”(Soft Civic),既呼应了哥伦布市政厅历史建筑的几何形态,又具备作为社区公民领导中心的象征意义。通过在定制结构中插入彩色编织网面,该装置彻底激活了包围着建筑主要入口的公共空间区域,以作为玩耍、表演和分享的场所。这些新装置不仅满足市政厅当下的社会活动,同时还促发了一系列列入2019年哥伦比亚展览计划的以民主和领导力为主题的社区推广活动。Roberts为今年J.Irwin奖和Xenia S.Miller奖的得主,这些奖项旨在表彰在国际上以建筑、艺术和设计作为改善人们生活方式和推动城市变革力量的杰出人士。

▼项目概览,overview©Hadley Fruits

▼该装置激活了建筑主入口的公共空间,以作为玩耍、表演和分享的场所,the installation activates the public space surrounding the building’s main entrance as a destination for play, performance and participation©Hadley Fruits

▼从建筑大厅看装置,view from the Columbus City Hall to the installation©Hadley Fruits

▼作为闲谈空间,chat space©Hadley Fruits

Soft Civic, a site-specific architectural installation by Bryony Roberts Studio, responds to both the architectural geometry of the historic Columbus City Hall building and its symbolic role as the center of civic leadership in the community. Through the insertion of the custom-fabricated structures with colorful woven surfaces, Roberts activates the public space surrounding the building’s main entrance as a destination for play, performance and participation. These new structures enhance existing activity at City Hall, and additionally will host a series of community-driven events on the themes of democracy and leadership as part of the 2019 Exhibit Columbus program. Roberts is a winner of this year’s J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize Recipient, honoring international leaders for their commitment of the transformative power that architecture, art, and design has to improve people’s lives and make cities better places to live.

▼草坪中的装置, installations on the lawn©Hadley Fruits

▼人们在此处嬉闹、休憩、玩耍,space for fun, rest and play©Hadley Fruits

市政厅大楼的纪念性建筑群,由SOM的Edward Charles Bassett于1981年设计,Soft Civic将其巨大的带有纪念性的几何形态转化为柔软的、弯曲的结构。现存建筑是由沿着公共平台延伸的圆形和三角形体块紧密拼接而成。该装置呼应并打破了现有建筑的几何外观,通过弯曲的座椅和结构平台形成了额外的圆圈和线条与建筑相连接,以此代表不同的关注点。Roberts说:“当我靠近一处场地时,我会考虑这里的历史,随着时间的推移,社会、政治与经济的力量是如何改变它的,以及我该用什么方式介入。”

▼Soft Civic将纪念性的几何形态转化为柔软的、弯曲的结构,Soft Civic turns its monumental geometry into soft, pliable structures©Hadley Fruits

▼伸出的平台,platform©Hadley Fruits

▼装置呼应了现有建筑的几何外观,the installation echoes and breaks open the geometry of the building©Hadley Fruits

Addressing the monumental architecture of the City Hall building, designed in 1981 by Edward Charles Bassett of SOM, Soft Civic turns its monumental geometry into soft, pliable structures. The existing building is a tight geometric puzzle of circles and triangles organized along the grand public steps. The installation echoes and breaks open the geometry of the building, forming other circles and lines—through curved seating structures and platforms that emerge from the design—that connect with the building and suggest different points of attention. Says Roberts, “When I approach a site, I think about the longtime cycles of that site, the way that social, political, economic forces have changed it over time, and how I’m entering into that process.”

▼弧形钢制框架,curved steel frames©Hadley Fruits

▼弯曲的座椅,curved seating structures©Hadley Fruits

Soft Civic的柔软性意味着空间功能结合了休闲及政治的用途,以及材料本身的物质性。由编织网面和钢制框架制作而成的装置在很大程度上探索了织物的柔软性。编织网面通过尼龙绳编织的绳结,将家居空间的纹理带入到公共领域,意图鼓励在管制场地进行游戏和互动。橙红相间的绳子来回缠缚在市政厅古老的砖墙之间,将建筑物的色彩与纺织景观联系起来。编织的绳结是与布鲁克林一家纺织工坊Powerhouse Arts合作完成的,它代表了一种共同努力的愿望,以及项目围绕着集体参与的初衷。

The softness of Soft Civic refers to the function of the space—a combination of relaxation and political participation—as well as its material quality. Constructed out of woven panels and steel frames, the new structures explore the softness of textiles at a large scale. Made through the macramé knotting of nylon rope, the woven panels bring the textures of domestic space into the public sphere, encouraging playfulness and interaction at a site of governance. The red-orange color of the rope riffs on the brick of City Hall, transforming the colors of the building into a textile landscape. Created in collaboration withPowerhouse Arts, a textile workshop in Brooklyn, the knots of the weaving represent a communal effort and echo the project’s programming around collective participation.

▼尼龙绳编织的绳结, the macramé knotting of nylon rope©Hadley Fruits

Soft Civic为一系列即兴活动诸如午餐休息、表演或政治集会提供了空间,另外还与社区组织合作开展了一系列的活动。Roberts说:“希望这个设计能成为一个公共空间,无论是玩耍、抗议或表演,都使它更加丰富,更吸引人。” Bartholomew County Indivisible在Soft Civic中组织了多场以民主为主题的包括We We People Day和Meet the Candidates等政治活动,而青年发展委员会则正在筹备一场包含音乐表演的青年峰会。

▼Soft Civic为一系列即兴活动提供了空间,Soft Civic invites a range of impromptu activities©Hadley Fruits

▼夜景,night view©Hadley Fruits

Soft Civic invites a range of impromptu activities, such as lunchtime lounging, seating for performances, or political meetings, and also hosts a series of events created in partnership with community organizations. “The design is hopefully going to make the possibility of using this as a public space, either for play or for protest or for performance, more inviting and more accessible,” says Roberts.Bartholomew County Indivisible has organized multiple events around the theme of democracy to take place at Soft Civic, including a We The People Day and Meet the Candidates event, and the Council for Youth Development is organizing a youth summit including musical performances.




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