Smooth Wall House by suzuki architects

Curving wooden wall brings the exterior world in the house.

Project Specs


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▼室内空间概览,interior space overview © Kenta Hasegawa

For this condominium renovation, the client requested an open and bright space to use as a second home, studio, and gallery. We faced two design problems. First, due to the long, narrow layout that emphasized efficient use of space, the entryway was dark. Second, the windows could not be modified because they are considered shared property belonging to the building as a whole, which made creating an open-feeling space difficult. We responded by installing a curving wooden wall throughout the length of the apartment from the entryway to the balcony, bringing elements of the exterior inside through the wall’s reflective surface and thereby making the entire space open and bright.

▼建筑入口,entryway of house © Kenta Hasegawa


On the living-dining room side, the wall surface is made of linden plywood with a glossy finish for reflectivity. Sunlight and exterior scenery are mirrored on the wood, turning it into an abstract plane that melds easily into everyday life and provides a sense of the outdoor environment. On the bedroom side, the wall is finished with a non-reflective covering. The small, arched glass door to the bedroom limits visual information from the outside, contributing to the calm atmosphere.

▼从入口望向起居空间,一侧为光滑木制墙面,looking from the entryway to the living space, one side is the smooth wooden wall © Kenta Hoosegow

▼起居空间,墙面引入外部空间,living space with the wall bringing in the exterior world © Kenta Hasegawa

▼通往卧室的小拱形玻璃门,the small, arched glass door to the bedroom © Kenta Hasegawa

▼卧室,以弧形墙面和起居空间分隔,bedroom, separated by the curving wall and the living space © Kenta Hasegawa


Although condominiums like this one tend to feel cut off from the outdoors, we brought in hints of that exterior world to create a space where residents are able to live in relationship with the outside environment.

▼夜景,night view © Kenta Hasegawa

▼修改前平面图(左)修改后平面图(右),plan before and after © suzuki architects

Design:Hisako Yamamura+Kousuke Suzuki/suzuki architects
Construction company:den-koubou
Use:second home, studio, and gallery
Toal floor area:107.31㎡
Photo:Kenta Hasegawa

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