Six new Norwegian Scenic Routes projects will be completed for the 2021 tourist season

The experience of driving through beautiful Norwegian scenery will be enhanced by a set of innovative architecture and thought-provoking art

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在2021年旅游节期间,挪威的“风景线”(Scenic Route)将增加6个新的项目——包括最南端的Jæren路线和最北端的Varanger路线。此外,在2022年夏日旅游季到来前,另外4个在建项目也将正式完工。


For the 2021 tourist season, six new Scenic Route projects will be completed – from Jæren in the south to Varanger in the north. Another four projects under construction will be ready for the summer season of 2022.

The Norwegian Scenic Routes attraction comprises 18 drives through beautiful Norwegian scenery. The experience is enhanced by innovative architecture and thought-provoking art. By the end of 2023, Norwegian Scenic Routes are to emerge as one integrated attraction after 30 years of development work. From 2024, the routes will be operated, maintained, renewed and developed further.

© Frid-Jorunn Stabell




Refsnesstranda – Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren
Architect: Lie Øyen Arkitekter.


The new facility is a joint project between the municipalities at Jæren and the NPRA. In addition to a service building with toilets and outdoor shower facilities, the project includes a new circular parking area for up to 40 cars. The aluminium building is metallic grey and reflects the landscape and the sky on rainy days, but becomes shiny in sunny weather. From the toilet building, a wooden deck path runs down to the sand dunes. Previous NPRA investments on Scenic Route Jæren have included upgraded service facilities at Borestranda, the recreational centre at Orre and Kvassheim lighthouse.

© Fredrik Fløgstad



Ropeid – Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke
Architect: KAP


When the new Sandsfjord Bridge replaced the ferry between Sand and Ropeid in 2015, most of the ferry landing at Ropeid was left unused and abandoned. The idea behind the new rest area is to combine the possibility of a picnic by the fjord with repairs to the landscape: the broken sea line is “bandaged” with concrete mattresses. The rest area will have specially designed seats, tables, lanterns and lamps made of materials from recycled plastic boats from Ryfylke. Together with the service building, which was designed by Jensen and Skodvin architect and opened in 2005, the new improvements make Ropeid a complete Scenic Route stop down by the water.




Oscarshaug – Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet
Architect: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor AS


The nearly 30-year-old rest area at Oscarshaug was ready for a makeover. Instead of replacing the roof and panelling of the toilet building, a 16-tonne shell structure has been hoisted and welded in place on top of the existing building, to protect it from the elements. At the same time, the building has been given a much-needed renovation on the inside. With this steel structure, the NPRA has given one of the most important stops along Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet a whole new identity.

© Frid-Jorunn Stabell



Moskenes – Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten
Architect: Vardehaugen Arkitekter AS.


There is a lot of traffic at Moskenes ferry landing, and at times there is a long wait before the next departure for Bodø. Now the NPRA, through the Norwegian Scenic Routes programme and with financial help from Nordland County, has provided the place with a new service building with a waiting room and five toilets, including one with disability access. The facility has been built as a simple pavilion with a panoramic view of the sea and approaching ships. With the new facility, this gateway to western Lofoten has been given a great aesthetic makeover.

© Tonje Tjernet


Roni Horn的艺术装置(Havøysund路线)

Roni Horn’s art installation – Norwegian Scenic Route Havøysund
Artist: Roni Horn. Architect: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor AS.

该装置位于Havøysund渔村,其设计者是美国艺术家Roni Horn——她以创作纪念碑式的玻璃雕塑而闻名。该装置的主题是光线与透明,并围绕“午夜太阳”、“北极光”和“冬季黑暗”三个特征来呈现。由玻璃制作的装置被封闭在建筑中,维护了艺术体验的安全性和完整性。

In the summer of 2021, a new attraction will open, which will place the fishing village of Havøysund on the international art map and, in combination with Steilneset Memorial in Vardø, strengthen Finnmark as a tourist destination. The artwork is made by American artist Roni Horn, who is known for her monumental glass sculptures. For the route to Havøysund, the theme is transparency and light, with the midnight sun, northern lights and winter darkness as distinctive features.The artwork consists of two glass objects enclosed in a building that provides protection and forms part of the totality of the art experience.

© Alexander Salim


Mortensnes /Ceavccageađgi(Varanger路线)

Mortensnes /Ceavccageađgi – Norwegian Scenic Route Varanger
Landscape architect: Inge Dahlman, Asplan Viak.

该项目靠近Varangerfjorden峡湾的源头,后者是斯堪的纳维亚半岛最丰富且最具特色的文化遗址之一。场地附近分布着古老的原住民栖居地、萨米人的祭祀遗址和由Varanger Sami Museum运营的场馆。新项目对停车场和通往博物馆的道路进行了改造,优化了贯穿景观的文化路径,同时加强了对该地区的宣传。

Mortensnes, near the head of Varangerfjorden, is the location of one of the richest and most distinctive cultural heritage sites in Scandinavia. With its old settlement sites, Sami sacrificial sites and graves from 10,000 years of continuous settlement, the area also includes a museum run by Varanger Sami Museum. Here, the NPRA in cooperation with Nesseby Municipality has renovated the parking area and access to the museum, upgraded cultural trails through the landscape, and enhanced the information about the area, such as with a sculpture illustrating the post-glacial rebound after  the last Ice Age.

© Hugo Fagermo




Hestad – Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet
Architect: Nils Mannsåker, Fortunen.
© Fortunen Arkitektur


Espenes – Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger
Architect: Code arkitektur AS.
© Code Arkitektur


Tyrvefjøra – Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger
Architect: Helen & Hard
© Helen & Hard AS


Flesefossen (Ryfylke路线)
Flesefossen – Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke
Architect: Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter.
© Haugen & Zohar Arkitekter


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