Signage and Furniture Design for the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo by Schemata Architects

Bring a touch of warmth to the building

Project Specs


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根据建筑师柳谷孝彦(Takahiko Yanagisawa)最初的设想,当代艺术馆的建筑应当能与相邻的木场公园(Kiba Park)产生有机的联系,但实际上,游客的所有活动都仅仅局限于场馆内。因此,Schemata Architects事务所的设计师团队试图通过新的设计将人流从木场公园由建筑后方引入,并依据项目竞赛的设计要求设计出独立于建筑物的标识,家具及固定装置以激活场馆空间。

▼东京当代艺术馆外观,overview of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo © 長谷川健太

The existing building conceived by architect Takahiko Yanagisawa was originally designed with the aim of creating conscious connection to the adjacent Kiba Park, but actually all activities were confined within the museum. Our idea was to generate a flow of people from Kiba Park through to the back of the building and recreate the building based on the original idea by “designing signs, various pieces of furniture and fixtures without touching the existing building at all” as stated in the design requirements of the competition.

▼将游客从公园由建筑后方引入,generate flow of people from Kiba Park through to the back of the building © 長谷川健太

▼室外家具,将游客活动引出场馆,outdoor furniture that arise activities out of buildings © 長谷川健太

▼家具独立于现有建筑物安置,furniture without touching the existing building © 長谷川健太


▼家具可灵活调整,或分散排列,或成为组合座椅,furniture can be flexibly adjusted, or arranged separately, or as a combined seat © 長谷川健太

▼标牌及座椅,signs and seats © 長谷川健太

We designed display furniture larger than standard furniture that is too heavy to manually carry for a person but can be easily carried by a person using a lifting machine and created “interfaces” made of display furniture pieces so that a museum staff member can freely adjust them using a lifting machine while preventing visitors from moving them manually. In this way, objects displayed on passages can be moved easily and spaces can be changed flexibly according to various purposes.

▼工作人员用起重机移动家具, staff freely adjust furniture using a lifting machine © 長谷川健太


In terms of materials, we selected materials with soft and warm textures in contrast with the solid and dignified appearance of the building.

▼家具采用柔软而温暖的材质,soft and warm textures of furnitures © 長谷川健太

▼纪念品商店内原木色的货柜,log containers in souvenir shop  © 長谷川健太

▼展示架,shelves  © 長谷川健太

▼咨询台,information desk © 長谷川健太

▼弧形长桌,curved long table  © 長谷川健太

担当:上野 黄
合作:日本デザインセンター 色部デザイン研究所(サイン計画)

Title:Signage and Furniture Design for the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Architects:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
Project team:Ou Ueno
Address:4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0022, Japan
Construction:DAC(Design Art Center)
Collaboration:Irobe Design Institute, Nippon Design Center, Inc.(Signage design)
Photo:Kenta Hasegawa

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