Shunyi House, Beijing, China by reMIXstudio

A unitary module internally composed of diverse levels of interconnection that operates as a montage, a juxtaposition and a progression of diverse spatial scales and characters.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The project is a renovation of a house of approximately 500 sqm originally divided in two floors and a basement, the extension of a villa of two screenwriter and their children located in Shunyi, Beijing. The initial client’s requirements were a volumetric expansion to accommodate new programs such as a double-height studio, a roof terrace, a kitchen garden, a projection room, and the transformation of the existing garden, needing to become an integral part of the building.

▼ “Axial geometries D”, view of the ramping system connecting the gardening level (going down), the top deck/relax area (going up), view of the summer projection area on the right end |上至顶层露台的坡道 (左),下至菜园的坡道(中),观影露台(右)

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ The main facade, geometric intersection from the garden | 从庭院看南立面

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House


The intervention works as a unitary module internally composed of diverse levels of interconnection that operates as a montage, a juxtaposition and a progression of diverse spatial scales and characters. The new volume is designed as a device of filtering environmental and programmatic factors, a spatial structure internally never secluding, never concluding but constantly modulating successive scalar sections through shadowy subtleties and diaphanous layerings. The space is rendered a unitary scene through the use of an intentionally reduced palette of materials. The material catalog is in fact condensed and composed just by a light metal structure, filtering aluminum louvers controlling shadows, transparencies and determining levels of privacy and finally a metal grid that works in combination with a resined white floor and a bamboo deck.

▼ Existing Condition | 改造前现状

4 drawings 01 - remix studio - before

▼ Under construction | 施工照片

4 drawings 12 - remix studio - shunyi - construction     4 drawings 13 - remix studio - shunyi - construction

▼ Design process | 设计过程

4 drawings 02 - remix studio - shunyi - process

▼ Circulation concept | 流线概念示意

4 drawings 03 - remix studio - shunyi - circulation diagram

▼ Section | 剖面

4 drawings 09 - remix studio - shunyi - section


The seemingly uniform character of the intervention is in fact a narrative of continuously changing effects when explored and examined. From the garden to the top the gradual transformation of intensities -the modulation of lights, materials and colors- organizes a multiplicity of effect. Albeit reduced in type and fitting within an imposing diagrammatic organization the series of spaces manage to transform in a passive but calculated repository of effects that exalts and receives the heterogeneous changing conditions of light and temperature throughout the day and the seasons.

▼ Materials and details | 材料与细部

4 drawings 10 - remix studio - shunyi - detail

▼ Central stair | 楼梯

4 drawings 11 - remix studio - shunyi - central stair

▼ East balcony with the protective system of aluminum louvers | 被百叶围合的东阳台

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ Semi-outdoor projection room in daylight | 半室外观影露台-日景

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ Semi-outdoor projection room in the night | 半室外观影露台 – 夜景

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ “Axial geometries B”, underground space lighting effect | 地下庭院的光线效果

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ Underground space, gym and relax area | 地下活动空间

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House


The occupants’ body is the living actor playing on a white stage of instantly mutating effects whilst the new volume with its newly defined connections become the bodily extension of the family-life, accommodating needs and forcing unexpected spatial relations to happen between the existing rooms and the new spaces. A series of mezzanines, balconies and roof terraces at various levels are linked by a continuous circulation, a bend of internal stairs and external ramps, interweaving in and around a glazed volume. The original structure, composed of two white boxes is then transformed into a dynamic system of interlaced and floating platforms that overlooking each other and opening in a sequence emphasizes the internal programmatic interdependencies. The existing roof decks that were originally idle due to poor accessibility are then activated becoming an integral part of the interior, a natural continuation at higher levels of the garden. The programmatic segregation of the house existing spaces is replaced by a more ambiguous spatial mix of activities with the new double-height volume hosting a varied activities such as reading, writing, debating, projecting to happen both autonomously and at unison on different levels.

▼ F1 plan | 首层平面

4 drawings 05 - remix studio - shunyi - plan

▼ F2 plan | 二层平面

4 drawings 06 - remix studio - shunyi - plan

▼ F3 plan | 三层平面

4 drawings 07 - remix studio - shunyi - plan

▼ Roof plan | 屋顶平面

4 drawings 08 - remix studio - shunyi - plan

▼ Ground floor, from existing house towards the mezzanines | 首层,从原有建筑看向新建夹层

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ view of the ground floor studio | 工作室首层

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ view of the ground floor studio | 工作室首层

2 Indoor 09 - remix studio - shunyi - indoor

▼ Folded metal stairs connection the different mezzanines | 钢楼梯连接多个错层空间

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House


The garden is also reconfigured to become an integrated part of the scheme, interacting with the new massing to create a coherent spatial experience. The planting strategy responds to the need of privacy typical of dense housing developments: bamboo, ivy and high herbals introduce semi-transparent screens that filter the views. At the same time the vegetation is organized into various layers that maximize the depth of the garden. The reflection pool on the east side of the new volume blends the architecture and its landscape through rich effects of reflection and refraction on the water. Diverse autochthonous plant-communities create a rich mix of natural textures, whilst requiring minimal maintenance.

▼ (左,left) Main facade from the main gate | 从庭院入口看向南立面  (右, right)East facade and shallow reflection pool | 东立面及反射水池

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House     reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ (左,left)  East facade, pool, looking towards the side garden | 东立面及反射水池 (右, right)The main facade at dusk | 黄昏中的南立面照明效果

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House     reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ Night view of the whole intervention taken from the main gate | 从庭院入口看整体夜景

reMIX Studio - Shunyi House

▼ Top view | 顶视图

4 drawings 04 - remix studio - shunyi - top view

年份: 2014
地点: 中国,北京
状态: 建成
类型: 改造&景观
功能: 住宅
规模: 建筑 120 平米,景观 200 平米
业主: 私人
土建及室内施工: 北京钜匠绿建科技有限公司
幕墙施工: 北京睿博建筑装饰有限公司
团队: 陈忱, Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, 刘一芾,Aniruddha Mukherjee,薛扬, 徐宽信
照片©️夏至 ,临界工作室

Project: Shunyi House
Year: 2014
Location: Beijing, China
Status: completed
Type: renovation & landscape
Program: residential
Size: renovation 120 sqm, garden 200 sqm
Client: private
General Contractor: Beijing jujianglvjian construction ltd
Curtain Wall Contractor: Beijing ruibo construction company
Team: Chen Chen, Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Liu Yifu ,Aniruddha Mukherjee, Xue Yang , Xu Kuanxin
PHOTO©️Xiazhi,reMIX Studio

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