Shower of Light in Nanchang, China by YIYU design

Casting hundreds of colorful butterfly shadows in the space

Project Specs


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Landscape architecture involves space, nature, and time in its physical composites. Yet it also engages sense, perception, emotion, and memory, which brings its power to trigger the joy, excitement, and philosophical reflects to human.

▼景观装置远景外观,exterior view of the landscape installation in the distance

这个项目的提案,我们定义 “感官”为发掘场所时所带来的兴奋与喜悦。像孩子第一次看见晨曦的光,第一次见到春雨雨丝的波光熠熠,或第一次发现奇异色彩的雨后彩虹。我们想要重现这样的记忆,这种牵动好奇心的童年记忆,这种发现惊喜、发现自然的旅程。

▼蝴蝶花纹的颜色分析,the diagram of the color of the pattern

In our proposal, we define “sensuality” as the excitement of discovering the joyful quality of space. Like a child first finding the beauty of glimmer from the morning sun, discovering the shimmery from the spring shower, or seeing the magical colors from the rainbow, we want to create a space which will trigger the memories of the participants of their initial curiosity to space in the childhood, and the joy of discovering its treasure beauty in the adventure.

▼景观装置近景外观,在天上挂着的一张透明的彩网投射光影,the close exterior view of the landscape installation, combining a colorful transparent knitting mesh as a filter above the sky

▼从上方看景观装置,彩网采用蝴蝶造型的花纹,looking at the landscape installation from the top, using butterfly as the inspiration for the pattern


▼景观装置的蝴蝶花纹连接细节,details of the butterfly pattern

The whole visiting processes we are aiming for will be a playful journey to the visitors, like a game of finding light. Through the journey, being curious, be adventurous, and being excited and joyous of their finding, the place will be instilled the energy of sensational pure pleasure from its own spatial power, the nature, and space, and the sensuality.

▼景观装置局部,五彩的蝴蝶花纹被固定在透明的网上,partial view of the landscape installation, the colorful butterfly pattern is fixed on the transparent knitting mesh

▼景观装置的蝴蝶花纹细节,details of the butterfly pattern of the landscape installation


Our strategy is, to use sun light as the media, and combine a colorful transparent knitting mesh as a filter above the sky, to cast a vibrant net of light and shadow in the place. We use butterfly as our inspiration for the pattern, and play with transparency and color of the mesh, to strengthen the power of light. In this way the sunlight passing through the mesh will cast hundreds of colorful butterfly shadows in the space, to create a fantasy of ephemeral nature in space.

▼置身于景观装置之下,透过网的光线在地面上投射出五彩的蝴蝶,the view under the knitting mesh of the landscape installation, the sunlight passing through the mesh will cast hundreds of colorful butterfly shadows in the space

▼景观装置的在地面上的光影效果,the light and shadow effect on the ground

▼蝴蝶花纹在不同背景和光环境下的光影效果,the light and shadow effects in the situations of different backgrounds and light environments

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018
主创及设计团队:林逸峰 / Alex de Dios,王裕中,黄婉贞,田益正
摄影版权:Alex de Dios,林逸峰

Project name: Shower of Light
Design: YIYU design
Design year & Completion Year: 2018
Leader designer & Team: Yifeng Lin / Alex de Dios, Yuchung Wang, Wendy Huang, Yizheng Tian
Project location: Nanchang
Gross Built Area (square meters): 600Sqm
Photo credits: Alex de Dios, Yifeng Lin
Clients: Greenland

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