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“每年,Barfotastigen展都会邀请专业的艺术家制作与独特的群岛环境相关联的作品,要求设计师能够深入回应场地,及更广泛的群岛环境问题。”Barfotastigen的策展人Sandra Nyber解释道:“虽然大多数作品都是临时性的,使用寿命仅4个月到一年,但颤抖的屋子很快成为场地不可或缺的一部分。为了吸引到更多参观者,科珀海洋爵士音乐节及我们决定委托事务所制作装置的新版本,使其成为展览的永久展品。装置的设计概念使其能够很好的适应一天中的不同时间乃至不同季节。从阳光充足的热烈,到光线柔和下的忧郁,不断改变的外界条件将明显改变装置的氛围。”

Shiver House was previously installed in 2015 as part of the Barfotastigen exhibition in Korppoo, Finland. The project was intended to be in-situ for 4 months but due to its popularity it was kept on site on a longer-term basis. On the project’s second year, Korppoo – the island on which it sits, began hosting summer concerts next to the project as part of the renowned Jazz festival “Korppoo Sea Jazz”. A new edition has been created to celebrate the project’s 5-year anniversary constructed out of Finnish Airplane Ply.

“Every year, the Barfotastigen exhibition invites professional artists to interact with the unique archipelago environment – asking them to respond to the site and/or issues concerning the wider archipelago area,” Sandra Nyberg the curator of Barfotastigen explained.“While most works are temporary with a life span of 4 months to a year, Shiver House quickly became part of the site in a very prominent way. Therefore – to the delight of our visitors, the organizers of the Korpo Sea Jazz festival, and of course ourselves – we decided to commission a new version of the work and make it a more permanent feature of the exhibition. The concept of the work suits well to be experienced in all seasons and times of the day. The everchanging conditions strongly and fittingly alter the mood of the work, ranging from lively and light to sombre and subdued.”

▼装置顶视图,top view ©NEON


About Shiver House



Shiver House is a radical reinvention of the common Finnish Hut (mökki). The project is a kinetic “animal like” structure which moves and adapts in response to surrounding natural forces. Shiver House is an exploration into the idea that architecture can be used as a means to create a closer emotional link between its inhabitants and the natural world it sits within. In addition, the project explores the idea that architecture can be made to seem “alive” with the intention that this will engender a deeper and longer lasting emotional relationship between people and the structures we inhabit.

Conceptually, the piece suggests that architecture, rather than static and function-led can be a poetic, living and dynamic element which changes the way we relate to the landscape that surrounds us.

▼装置立面,动态的“类动物”结构,elevation, kinetic “animal like” structure ©NEON

NEON事务所的Mark Nixon说到:“虽然全球仍都面临着新冠肺炎Covid-19的疫情,但作为设计师,应该更加注意到建筑,艺术和设计在缓解焦虑上能够起到的积极作用,将群众与自然联系起来,并帮助群众逐渐恢复到公共场所的社会生活中。颤抖的屋子是一个不断变化的装置结构,能够随风呈现不同状态,正是当下大众所需要的。”

“While the world is adjusting to the new reality of Covid-19 I feel that there needs to be a greater emphasis given to the way architecture, art and design might be used as a means of reducing anxiety, connecting us with nature and bringing people together again in public spaces. Shiver House’s architecture is in a constant state of transformation and ‘performs’ with the ever-changing flows of the wind, it is an ideal means of grounding people in the present moment,” said Mark Nixon of NEON.

▼随风呈现不同状态,performs with the ever-changing flows of the wind ©NEON


The house employs the use of 600 kinetic counter-weighted shingles which respond to the changing weather conditions of the site. Wind, rain and snow cause the shingles to rotate into a closed position giving the structure the temporary appearance and function of a shelter. The Shiver House is constantly transforming between being a functional shelter and a poetic and experiential device. Users that sit within the structure can observe the ever changing environment as they watch the kinetic shingles modulate the internal light levels as well as views out to the surrounding landscape.

▼木质平衡瓦片细节,detail of counter-weighted shingles ©NEON


The project is constructed using a simple timber structure which supports a number of rows of tensioned steel wire. These steel wires are treated as batons and are designed to hold the counterweighted shingles. The shingles are constructed using a folded and cut Airplane Ply which has been soaked in a protective oil. The counterweight is constructed using a stainless-steel nut and bolt.

▼木质框架支撑起钢丝,timber structure supports steel wires ©NEON

▼钢丝通过不锈钢构件固定瓦片,steel wires hold the shingles using a stainless-steel nut and bolt ©NEON

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