深圳创新创意设计学院国际竞赛第一名方案 / Dominique Perrault Architect + 筑博设计




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Dominique Perrault建筑事务所和筑博设计赢得了深圳创新创意设计学院国际设计竞赛的第一名。该校区将成为2011年成立的南方科技大学的新校址之一,将容纳4000名学生。

Dominique Perrault Architecture + Zhubo Design Co have been designated winner of the international competition for the design of the Shenzhen Institute of Design and Innovation. The new campus of the Shenzhen Institute of Design and Innovation will form one of the new sites of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), which was established in 2011, and will accommodate about 4,000 students.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © Fancy_DPA_Adagp


山水“一”线 | HORIZON


The site chosen for the new campus is located on the outskirts of Shenzhen, in a still mainly rural area, along the mountain relief of the «Phoenix Mountain.» The project is integrated into the landscape, and preserves the legibility of its horizontal structure, ensuring that no prominent architectural element would disturb this «plateau» geography.

▼新校园沿着凤凰山的山体延伸,the new campus extends along the mountain relief of the Phoenix Mountain © Fancy_DPA_Adagp


▼设计示意,diagram © DPA_Adagp

Inspired from the Chinese caracter «一», reflecting the atmosphere of a line of mountain and water, it creates a large-scale landmark, a horizontal line in the the site, detached from the ground like a large bridge, and develops a built front of more than 700 meters long. Hung above the ground, the main volume maintains visual transparency at pedestrian level, and its compact height guarantees views towards the great landscape. Above the natural ground, it creates a protective shelter, hosting public spaces and gardens, punctuated by «domes» housing various easily identifiable academic functions. The functional organization of the campus is simple and intuitive, articulated around two main elements: the «Hyper-Ground» and the «Hyper-Roof».

▼建筑主体悬浮于地面之上,the main volume hangs above the ground © Fancy_DPA_Adagp




The project encourages pedestrians and soft circulations, limiting road traffic on the entire site. Underneath the entire length of the suspended volume is located the main circulation axis of the campus: a long-protected pedestrian promenade, designed as a wide platform on which the functional activities of the campus, various public spaces and access to the common programs are developed. The main public space is shaped by a large outside square, hosting the social life of the campus. On the city side, a mineral amphitheater connects the university site to its neighborhood and forms the entrance to the campus.

▼户外广场,outside square © Fancy_DPA_Adagp


“超屋顶” | HYPER-ROOF 


The circulation cores that connect the «Hyper-roof» to the «Hyper- ground» serve all the teaching spaces located on the two levels of the main volume: classrooms, teaching laboratories and research laboratories. Above, the roof creates a panoramic promenade, a huge balcony overlooking the city, 50m above street level. The access to the roof level offers a real garden for everyone, arranged in different sectors, each with a specific program and atmosphere: garden spaces, terraces, plazas, sports areas, etc.

▼公共中庭,the public atrium © Fancy_DPA_Adagp


Treated with the same attention as the project’s vertical façades, the large roof also plays an active role in the technical functioning of the campus. The roof is widely vegetated and contributes to the insulation of the building and the recovery of rainwater. The installation of photovoltaic panels also provides energy for the entire building.

▼屋顶视角,rooftop view © Fancy_DPA_Adagp

▼平面图,plan © DPA_Adagp

▼设计概念拼贴,collage concept © DPA_Adagp

Date of the competition: September 2020 – January 2021
location: Bao’an Education City, Fenghuangshan Creative Park, Shenzhen, China
Site area : 348 955 m²
Built area : 300 000 m²
estimated investment : 2,79 billions of Yuans
Client: Engineering Design Management Center of Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen, China
local architects: ZHUBO DESIGN CO., LTD; Shenzhen, China landscape architects : PWP LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, California, U.S.A.
engineering consulting : BuroHappold Engineering, United Kingdom Perspective and movies : Fancy Digital Technology Co Limited, Beijing, China
main building size : 708m(lengh) x 120m(width) x 20m (heigh) Program:
– classrooms and laboratories
– working spaces and offices for admistration and professors
– library
– auditorium
– sports facilities
– exhibition spaces
– catering spaces
– student and teacher housing
– technical and logistical spaces

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