Setúbal Chapel, Portugal by João Tiago Aguiar

the sacred number 3

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It was requested to us to think and design a space for prayer and reflection for a family with 3 children. Curiously the space itself also had 3 windows. 3… Holly Trinity, Holly Family, 3 children, 3 windows!

overview © FG+SG – Architecture Photograph


From there came the motto for this little chapel and with that, the design of 3 niches of 3 different shapes under each one of the 3 existing windows. Already in the main wall, marked by a recessed and enlightened big central cross, the representation of 3 squared niches at its left side and of only 1 at its right reminds us that the 3 elements that form the Holy Trinity are in fact one single God.

the niches in the wall © FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

the big central cross © FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

3 squared niches © FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

activities in the chapel © FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

plans and elevations ©João Tiago Aguiar

Project name: Setúbal Chapel / Capela Setúbal
Company name: João Tiago Aguiar, arquitectos
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Setúbal, Portugal
Completion Year: 2016
Construction Area: 21m2
Responsible Architects: João Tiago Aguiar
Project team: Rúben Mateus, Susana Luís, João Nery Morais, André Silva, Maria Sousa Otto, Esteban Carbajo, Rita Lemos, Alexandra Tavares
Client: Private
Builder: BAUKELL
Photograph credits: FG+SG – Architecture Photograph
Photographer´s website:

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更多关于他们:João Tiago Aguiar arquitectos on gooood


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