SESTET by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates

Narrow and flexible space layout.

Project Specs


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This row-house-style apartment building in a high-density residential neighborhood is designed around the theme of spatial rhyming. The challenge was to create six three-story units that give residents the freedom to live as they choose, with a sense of both individuality and belonging, yet also maintain a consistent tone throughout the building—in other words, to flexibly adapt to a wide range of design conditions.

▼项目外观,appearance © Seiichi Ohsawa


The site has an elevation drop on its southern side, which enabled a stepped design for the roof and unit interiors that blocks visibility where needed and brings natural light and ventilation into the residences. Through a composite design that is horizontally sectioned and vertically layered, we succeeded in achieving both a unified overall look with pronounced shadows and a set of six distinctive units.The whole is divided into six “lines” by flat walls receding from the façade.

▼单元墙体向外延伸,形成六条“线” © Seiichi Ohsawa
flat walls receding from the façade,forming six “lines”

▼一层入口,entrances at ground floor © Seiichi Ohsawa


Like a poem whose words echo one another but are never repeated, no two spaces in this building are the same, yet each uses the same types of elements to respond to its surroundings and functional demands. By alternating between primary living zones, arranged consecutively from north to south, and more functional zones such as bathrooms, stairs, and storage space, unwanted noise transmission is reduced. Moveable partitions allow for flexible use of the space.

▼空间均不相同,且可灵活布置,no two spaces in this building are the same,flexible use of the space © Seiichi Ohsawa

▼不同空间使用相似的元素,different spaces using the same types of elements © Seiichi Ohsawa

▼通高与夹层,height space and mezzanine © Seiichi Ohsawa

▼墙体凹进,灰度不同的墙面,recessed walls with different shades of grey © Seiichi Ohsawa

▼直跑楼梯与旋转楼梯,straight stairs and spiral stairs © Seiichi Ohsawa


In addition, by interlocking pairs of units across three floors, it was possible to give all units southern exposure. This arrangement is also useful in the context of COVID-19; because the units resemble long, narrow rowhouses, there is a minimum of shared space. In ordinary times, this ensures an appropriate sense of distance while still allowing interaction.

▼平面,plans © Hugo Kohno Architect Associates

Architect Information
Hugo Kohno Architect Associates
6-1-3 Tokyo matsuya UNITY 1102, Higashiueno Taito-ku Tokyo 110-0015, Japan
Phone : +81-03-5948-7320
E-mail :

Credit Information
Architecture : Hugo Kohno Architect Associates
Photography : Seiichi Ohsawa

Project Outline
Location :Kanagawa, Japan
Principal Use : residence
Structure : wood
Site Area : 200.77 m2
Building Area : 120.04 m2
Total Floor Area : 319.38 m2
Contractor : JECTO CO.,LTD 
Structural Engineer : S-cube Co.Ltd.
Mechanical Engineer : Limited company Comodo

Material Information
Exterior Finish : Sprayed Lysine Finish
Roof : Galvalume stell plate vertical goby roofing
Floor : Vinyl fllor tile
Wall : textile wallpapers pasting
Ceiling : textile wallpapers pasting

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