SESC Guarulhos by Dal Pian Arquitetos

A great democratic and inviting space that seeks to encourage and stimulate encounters, coexistence and interaction among people

Project Specs


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As a public use building gathering activities of culture, sports, teaching, health, recreation and leisure, SESC Guarulhos was conceived as a great democratic and inviting space that seeks to encourage and stimulate encounters, coexistence and interaction among people.公共

▼项目概览,project overview

项目坐落在瓜鲁柳斯国际机场和Zezinho Magalhães住宅综合体附近的一个城市化区域,其周围景观拥有较为复杂的肌理,有时呈现为碎片化和不连续的状态,这是城市发展和变化过程带来的一种典型的影响。基于这种环境,该项目期望能够凸显出SESC作为社会沟通者和文化推进者的身份,使其不仅以建筑功能和特定的解决方案为导向,还致力于构建更加连贯、统一和富有凝聚力的城市场景。

Located in an urbanized area, near Guarulhos International Airport and Zezinho Magalhães Housing Complex, its surrounding landscape presents a heterogeneous design, at times fragmented and discontinuous, characteristic of urban environments in the process of growth and transformation. In this context, the project seeks to emphasize SESC’s condition as a social communicator and cultural polarizer through an architecture oriented not only to the specific solutions of its activities and functions, but also to the construction of a more continuous, cohesive and unitary urban scenario.


▼户外运动场地鸟瞰,aerial view to the Sports Courts and the outdoor pool

建筑的入口与城市道路相融,给人以宽敞和放松的感觉,吸引着人们走进并真正地去使用它的每个空间。内部的功能区域围绕着宽阔的“共生广场”(Coexistence Plaza)分布,后者在接收和汇聚人流的同时,也连接了建筑内部的各种功能空间。透明的立面将广场内的场景暴露在周围环境当中,反过来也为室内引入了周围的景观。屋顶系统由金属栅格、玻璃、排气装置构成,同时装有以穿孔铝板制成的横向百叶窗,起到遮阳和过滤光线的作用。

▼入口立面,entrance facade

▼入口立面和屋顶系统细部,facade and roof system

Access to the building is generous and non-intimidating. Designed as an extension of the urban courses, it kindly seeks to invite visitors to know and use the unit. Internally, the spaces are structured around a large Coexistence Plaza that receives external flows and concentrates, articulates and distributes the various activities of the complex. As a transparent space and permeable to visual perspectives, this integrative plaza exposes the happenings of the building and incorporates the surrounding landscape into its internal environments. A roof system consisting of metal grids, glass, air extractors and horizontal louvers made of perforated aluminum for sun protection, filters out natural light crowning this diaphanous space.

▼透明的立面将广场内的场景暴露在周围环境当中,the integrative plaza exposes the happenings of the building and incorporates the surrounding landscape into its internal environments

▼“共生广场”,Coexistence Plaza

▼“共生广场”连接了建筑内部的各种功能空间,the large Coexistence Plaza articulates and distributes the various activities of the complex


The internal circulations organized simply and precisely by ramps, walkways and corridors overlooking the Coexistence Plaza, expose the movement of users and reinforce the extrovert character of the building. Its program is distributed into three levels:

▼斜坡、步道和走廊,ramps, walkways and corridors





The Coexistence Plaza opens up its surroundings to Customer Service, Exhibition Rooms, Dental Clinic, as well as Children’s and Youth Recreation Ambiances. On this level, the indoor Sports Gymnasium and its supporting toilets and locker rooms complete the public fruition areas. With independent accesses, the Loading and Unloading Patio and the Operational Sector are located next to the two vehicle parking levels. This arrangement organizes service flows and provides operational efficiency for the Theater, Restaurant, and other areas of the complex.

▼室内体育馆,indoor Sports Gymnasium

▼体育馆与“共生广场”相连,the Sports Gymnasium is connected with the Coexistence Plaza

▼从步道望向体育馆,view to the Sports Gymnasium from the walkway




The Theater, with its foyer facing the void of the Coexistence Plaza, conforms to an independent solid body – its dimensions of audience, stage, wings and backstage adapt to the various use demands required by SESC.



On this level, favoured by the natural topography of the land, there are the Aquatic Complex (covered and uncovered) and the outdoor Sports Courts. The Food Court facing both the Coexistence Plaza, and the pools with solarium areas, offers users the delight of varied visual perspectives.

▼水上运动中心,Aquatic Complex

▼室内泳池,indoor pool

▼户外运动场,Sports Courts

▼运动场和泳池鸟瞰,aerial view to the Sports Courts and the outdoor pool


Also distributed on this level, there are the Administration, Library, Environmental Station and external garden spaces.


▼活动室,activity room

▼展览空间,exhibition room

▼通往花园的走廊,walkway leading to the garden

▼户外花园,outdoor garden

▼花园鸟瞰,garden aerial view



顶层空间包含多功能的体育馆和体育活动室。入口走廊同时连接了体育馆的双层高中庭、室内游泳池以及共生广场。面向水上运动综合体和运动场的阳台提供了户外健身空间,在提高空间利用率的同时还为下方的美食广场提供了荫蔽。 功能齐备的音乐中心最终为整个综合体充满活力的功能空间添上了完美的一笔。

On the top floor are located the rooms for Multipurpose, Multifunctional Gymnastics and Physical Activities. Their access corridors, besides turning to the Coexistence Plaza, run through the double-height voids of the Sports Gymnasium and Indoor Pool. A balcony for outdoor body activities, facing the Aquatic and Sports Center, enhances the use of these rooms, and shades the Food Court on the lower floor. A complete Music Center concludes the spaces of this dynamic activity complex.

▼夜间整体鸟瞰,aerial view by night

▼夜间外观,exterior view by night

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan

▼中间层平面图,intermediate floor plan

▼顶层平面图,superior floor plan


▼光照和通风分析,sunlight and ventilation diagram

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