Seeing Spheres by Olafur Eliasson

A surprising environment of multilayered, reflected spaces

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奥拉维尔·埃利亚松工作室为金州勇士队在他们的主场大通中心(Chase Center)的入口广场上设计了名为“Seeing Spheres”的艺术装置,这也是埃利亚松在美国规模最大的公共装置。

“Seeing Spheres是一个将你我、将人群包含在其中的公共空间。”埃利亚松解释道:“我们通常会认为公共空间是城市中的一种空荡荡的负向存在,它出现在马路边,或者我们通勤的途中。Seeing spheres带来了一个可以停歇的地方,你会从中看到作为社会一员的自己。”

The Golden State Warriors and Chase Center, along with Studio Olafur Eliasson, announce the unveiling of Seeing spheres, Olafur Eliasson’s largest public artwork in the United Sates, at Chase Center and Thrive City.

“Seeing spheres is a public space that contains you and contains multitudes,” said Eliasson. “We often think of public space as empty, negative space in the city, viewed from a car or crossed on the way to somewhere else. Seeing spheres offers a place to pause, where you see yourself from the outside, as a participant in society.”

▼艺术装置概览,artwork overview

Seeing Spheres由5个高度为15.5英尺、液压成形的抛光钢制球体组成,围绕着一个中央空间形成一个大圆。每个球体都嵌入了一个扁平的圆形镜面,并以LED灯环作为边框,将周围其他球体中的镜像反射出来,从而共同形成了一种出人意料的多层次的反射空间。相同的人和场景通过各种意想不到的角度一次又一次地出现,隧道状的画面在经过无数次重复之后最终消失在镜子的深处。

Seeing spheres, 2019, consists of five fifteen-and-a-half-feet-tall polished hydroformed steel spheres that stand in a circle around a central space. Each sphere supports a flat, circular mirrored face, framed by a ring of LED lights, which is oriented inward to reflect the mirrored faces of the surrounding spheres. Together they produce a surprising environment of multilayered, reflected spaces in which the same people and settings appear again and again, visible from various unexpected angles. Tunnel-like sets of nested reflections open up in the mirrors, repeating countless times and disappearing into the distance.

▼Seeing Spheres由5个抛光钢制球体组成,Seeing spheres consists of five polished hydroformed steel spheres

▼扁平的圆形镜面形成多层次的反射空间,the flat, circular mirrored faces produce a surprising environment of multilayered, reflected spaces

▼镜面以LED灯环作为边框,each mirrored face is framed by a ring of LED lights

Seeing Spheres位于大通中心体育场东入口前方的25000平方英尺的三角形广场,为Thrive City构建了一处瞩目的公共场景,为来访者提供了会面和互动的空间。

Situated on Chase Center’s 25,000 square foot triangular plaza in front of the East Entrance to the arena, this striking new artwork establishes a prominent public setting in Thrive City for visitors to meet and interact.

▼大通中心入口广场视角,view to the Chase Center’s plaza

埃利亚松经常利用镜子来扩展空间,创造出微妙、有趣且带有混乱感的场景,以刺激观者对于身体与感官的认知。Seeing Spheres使人们从外部看到存在于由镜面构成的虚拟空间层内的、作为共享世界的参与者的自己。这项艺术作品能够提升观者对自身和周围环境的感知力,用埃利亚松本人的话说即是,借助艺术来“训练我们感知世界以及阐释世界的能力”。

Eliasson frequently uses mirrors to expand spaces and create a subtle and playful sense of spatial confusion that stimulates awareness of our bodies and perception. Seeing spheres enables viewers to see themselves from the outside, as co-participants in the shared world that appears within the layers of virtual space conjured by the cluster of giant mirrors. The artwork heightens visitors’ awareness of themselves and their surroundings, exemplifying art’s potential to, in Eliasson’s words, “train our capacities for perceiving and interpreting the world.”

▼夜间整体视角,aerial view by night

Olafur Eliasson
Seeing spheres, 2019
Stainless steel, glass, silver, fiberglass, LEDs 4.8 x 22 x 22 meters
each sphere ⌀ 4.8 meter
Photo: Matthew Millman
Commissioned by Chase Center, San Francisco © 2019 Olafur Eliasson

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