Grid Bench by Mario Tsai Studio

Grid Bench inspired by pixelation

Project Specs


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REdesign是一个重新思考和探索设计相关联的材料和工艺的组织,2019年REdesign项目以人造板(胶合板 / MDF / 刨花板)作为创作主题,蔡烈超工作室以5mm的薄胶合板作为材料,旨在表现这种常被忽视的材料呈现出独有的属性,如轻薄和韧性。蔡烈超工作室尝试让物尽其用,探索材料最具价值的潜力。

In 2019, REdesign project used wood-based panel as the theme of creation.Mario Tsai Studio uses 5mm thin plywood as the material,which aims at expressing the unique attributes of this often overlooked material,such as lightness and toughness. Mario Tsai Studio tries to make the best use of materials and explore the most valuable potential of the material.

▼栅格长凳,Grid Bench


Grid is the instruction to convert an image into pixels in image processing.Based on this,the designer rasterized the basic form of the bench.The 5mm thin plywood sheet is used as the basic unit after pixilation, and the horizontal and vertical sheets are vertically inserted to form a stable structure.The hidden plug structure makes the sheets seem to be unrelated. And then every pieces visually present a sense of floating and an unstable critical state.The contrast between its thin property and the visual of weight adds to the dramatic nature of the product.

▼隐藏的插接结构,让薄片之间看似不相关联,the hidden plug structure makes the sheets seem to be unrelated


▼黑色版本,the black version


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