“SEED”: Public art of modern bamboo weaving and flower art, Shenzhen, China by BERYL

Combination of biological material and modern technology

Project Specs


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▼装置外观,external view of the installation ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司

In October 2020, in the “Heaven and Earth” lawn of Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden, a shape that resembles a seed germination stands in the meantime. Large tracts of flowers are planted on both sides of the lawn. The vibrant “seeds” attracted tourists to stop. Going forward and taking a closer look, I realized that the shape of this group of “seeds” was actually made of bamboo! This is the “seed” of modern bamboo weaving floral art public art created by Mr. Xie Jun, a joint architect of Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, for the 71st National Day and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The arched shape is like a pulsating heart, and the hollow is like a “seed” hidden deep. The original intention gave birth to the “seeds” of reform and opening up, and now it has been sown in the world, witnessing great changes. Seeds, with dreams, spread all over China.

▼用竹子编织而成的装置,长满植物,bamboo interweaved to create the installation with greening ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司


The public “seed” discards the commonly used green carved steel frame, and takes the bamboo woven art frame as the main body. Bamboo is a natural material and has a high degree of integration with the natural environment of the botanical garden. Bamboo weaving is also a traditional craft in my country. Using it in modern garden landscapes is a collision between tradition and modernity. Bamboo symbolizes tenacity, selflessness, perseverance, unity and nobility. Its spirit of self-improvement and standing upright is exactly the same as the spirit of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

▼弯曲的装置融于自然curved installation merged into the nature ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司


In terms of styling, a large number of modern curves and arcs are used. In terms of materials and craftsmanship, we have adopted traditional methods such as hand-knitting, hemp rope binding, bamboo nail fixing, and lofting models. At the same time, we have also incorporated new technologies and new materials such as 3D printing, metal components, and numerical control modeling to make bamboo products and modern Technology integration.

▼采用大量弧线造型,curves and arcs used in the styling ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司


Bamboo is essentially a highly efficient structural material: high strength, high toughness, and tensile strength like steel. The segmented fasting structure gives it an elastic property that is extremely lightweight and easily bends into a curved profile. These structural properties contribute to the material properties of the bamboo. Compared with wood, it has stronger elastic and flexibility advantages, and the water swelling rate and heat drying shrinkage rate are small.

▼施工过程,construction ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司


For a long time, the pursuit of the three principles of aesthetics, practicality and solidarity has never stopped, but the systematic transformation of structural forms is still in its infancy. The problems caused by uncontrolled mining and misuse of building materials, people are eating their own fruits, and the ecological and environmentally-friendly local natural building materials such as bamboo have become more and more prominent: it is enough to build a new type of holistic and sustainable building structure. At the same time, the regional culture, modern technology and practicality are perfectly integrated.

▼竹材细部,details of the bamboo material ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司


Public art emphasizes ‘sociality’ and ‘openness’. It is an artistic landscape composed of diverse media. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, people also associate its profound meaning. How to use modern design concepts to perfectly combine ‘bamboo’, an environmentally friendly and ecological original material with modern technology, to create more contemporary artworks that are in line with the aesthetics of the times and are economically applicable.

▼生态材料与现代科技结合而成的开放空间,combination of modern technology and ecological material creating a space with openness ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司


October, with autumn introverted, with autumn dignity,
Carrying autumn’s maturity, with autumn yearning.
Over the years, we will never forget our original intention, ride the wind and waves, and move forward.

▼平面图,plan ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司

▼立面图,elevations ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司

▼剖面图,section ©深圳市贝尔雅环境艺术设计工程有限公司

参与设计人:柯于锴,罗亚西,RECHMAT UTOMO
联系电话:0755-25206603 13332906608

Project address: Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden – Tianshangrenjian  
Category: Landscape installation
Creativity: Tian He
Copywriter: Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden
Architect: Xie Jun
Flower arrangement: Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Tianhe
Bamboo Art: Xie Jun
Participating designers:  keyukai  Luo Ya Xi  liuziqiang
Contact email: 974508478@qq.com
Completion time: September 2020
Building area: 200 square meters
Photographer:TianHe  Xie Jun  XieYuCheng
Construction (bamboo): Shenzhen Beryl Environmental ArtDesign  Engineering Co., Ltd.
Building materials: bamboo, metal componentsCompany website: sz-beryl.com

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