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holLA: Bringing the office out to the garden

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holLA是Second Home在好莱坞的新办公室,融合了加州的一些经典元素。90800平方英尺的场地中包含两栋既有建筑,其中一栋双层建筑由非裔美国建筑师Paul Williams于1964年设计,具有经典的洛杉矶新殖民主义风格——该项目对这座建筑进行了修缮和改造。作为整个园区的核心和主要入口,大楼首层包含了320个自由空间,二层包含200个工作区,另有咖啡厅、酒吧、餐厅、活动会议大厅、休息区域和露天平台等一系列公共空间分布在建筑各处。

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view ©Iwan Baan

▼项目概览,project overview ©Iwan Baan

The new Second Home in Hollywood, holLA, is a collection of several recipes and ingredients of a California Cocktail. HolLA lays in East Hollywood on a 90,800 square feet site with two existing buildings, of which we have to maintain one with two floors, designed in 1964 by Paul Williams, the first recognized African-American architect working in Los Angeles. This building has a classical Neocolonialism Los Angeles look and is used as a core and main entrance for the whole Campus. In this existing building 320 roaming places are located in the ground floor and additional offices with 200 workspaces are in the first floor, with common facilities such as café, bar, restaurant, events and conference hall, resting areas and open terraces, all around the building.

▼既有的双层建筑作为整个园区的核心和主要入口,the two-storey existing building is used as a core and main entrance for the whole Campus ©Iwan Baan

▼户外公共区域, the open public area ©Iwan Baan

▼接待台,reception ©Iwan Baan

▼公共休闲空间,public facilities ©Iwan Baan

▼阅读区,reading area ©Iwan Baan


▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

The other one is demolished and, on top of the existing underground parking, a 60 new oval-shaped individual offices and meeting rooms are placed surrounded by a garden that will be the Second Home for almost 700 people. Four different oval shapes create the 60 bungalow offices of 4 different sizes, that are scattered around the garden built with 4 feet of soil on top of the parking slab, burying the bungalows down to the table height. The transparent curved walls allow 360º horizontal views of the plants, giving the feeling to be working among nature.

▼地下停车场上方增设了60个新的椭圆形独立办公室和会议室, a 60 new oval-shaped individual offices and meeting rooms are placed on top of the existing underground parking ©Iwan Baan

▼透明的弧形墙壁带来了360度的花园视野,the transparent curved walls allow 360º horizontal views of the plants ©Iwan Baan

▼室内细部,interior view ©Iwan Baan

▼把办公室“搬进”花园,bringing the office out to the garden ©Iwan Baan

相较于对室外空间,办公室内部没有受到太多关注,这也是洛杉矶生活方式的一个典型表现。建筑师并没有将花园引入Second Home的办公室内部,而是直接把办公室“搬到”了花园里。60个单层独立办公室就像是聚集在花园中的花盆,在被超过1万种花草树木环绕的同时,也为蝴蝶、蚂蚁、蜜蜂、松鼠——还有人类——提供了共栖的家园。贯穿花园的路径由木材和混凝土构成,两侧种满了四季开放的花卉。

The interior spaces in this project go pretty much unnoticed and the main focus is outdoors, which is quintessential to the living style in Los Angeles. In Second Home Hollywood, instead of bringing the garden inside the office, we have brought the office out to the garden. 60 one level stand-alone offices in the garden of a Paul Williams building. Offices (pots) surrounded by planters (plant pots). Over 10,000 plants and trees, many butterflies, ants, bees, squirrels… and humans inhabit these pots. The wooden and concrete paths break through the garden with plants in both sides, as a stroll through yearlong flowers.

▼在大自然中办公,working among nature ©Iwan Baan

▼花园路径,garden paths ©Iwan Baan

“要让世界变得美好,就从改变自己开始。”Second Home好莱坞办公室是一场为上班族们准备的实验:如何与人类之外的生物共存?它不仅仅是接近自然这么简单:场地中的植物能够降温并提供荫蔽;透明的立面使人工照明不再必不可少;3个可调节的窗户能够实现自然通风。除此之外,两个蓄水池能够收集场地中的所有水源,总蓄水量达到3万7千加仑,可以满足灌溉的需求。

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change”. Second Home Hollywood is an experiment for the average office worker: co-exist daily with living things other than humans. This approximation to nature is not the only step towards a more sustainable living: plants reduce the temperature and provide shade; the clear façade eliminates the necessity of artificial lighting and has 3 operable openings for natural cross-ventilation; all the water at the site is collected in two cisterns totaling 37,000 gallons of storage capacity to be used for irrigation.

▼大厅,lobby ©Iwan Baan

▼多种类型的办公空间,various types of working place ©Iwan Baan

▼透明的立面使人工照明不再必不可少,the clear façade eliminates the necessity of artificial lighting ©Iwan Baan

Second Home好莱坞办公室将原先的停车场转变为花园,使得90800平方英尺的硬景观变成了7万平方英尺的自然景观。这也是历史上为数不多的、将建筑环境恢复为自然环境的私人开发项目之一。

Second Home Hollywood has replaced 90,800 square feet of hardscape for 70,000 square feet of landscape. What previously was a parking lot is now a garden. It is one of the few private developments in history in which the footprint of the built-environment has been returned to natural-environment.

▼屋顶视角,roof top ©Iwan Baan

▼场地鸟瞰,site aerial view ©Iwan Baan

▼顶层平面图,upper level plan

▼景观平面图,landscape plan

▼剖面图和小屋类型示意,section and bungalow types

▼小屋结构细部,bungalow detail

Second Home Offices in Hollywood
Location: Los Angeles, California
Design years: from to 2015 to 2017
Construction years: from to 2017 to 2019
Architect: Selgascano
Principal(s) in charge: José Selgas, Lucía Cano
Project team: Diego Cano-Lasso, María Levene, Inés Olavarrieta, Paolo Tringali, Sixto Cordero, Víctor Jiménez, Sara Ouass, Pilar Cano-Lasso, Catalina Vázquez, Juan José Muñoz Muñoz, Julian Ocampo, Juan Saez Pedraja
Lighting and furniture design: Alejandro Cano
Client: Second Home
Consultants: Structural engineer: Walter P.Moore
Mechanicalengineer: Henderson Engineers INC
Interior designer: selgascano
Landscapearchitect: Selgascano / Second Home
Civil Engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers
General contractor: Swinerton / Second Home USA
Program: Coworking offices
Structural system: Mixed: CLT, concrete, and steel
Majormaterials: Acrylic, glass, CLT, concrete and steel
Site area: 90854 SF
Building area: 40340 SF
Total floor area: 67520 SF
Cost of construction: 20 mill dollars

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