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All functions are placed in a row to get back to the essence of building.

Project Specs


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荷兰的“达芬奇学院”是一个动物护理和园艺学校。学校附近一户家庭将闲置的土地提供给校方,作为学生的学习空间。但是他们不知道这个想法最终会走向何处,因为这个地方集合了大家的热情,从社区到学校,再到市议会,每个人都积极参与。但是他们既没有建筑设计的技能,也没有太多的预算。RO&AD 建筑师事务所的出现帮助当地的市民实现了他们的愿望。

A neighbourhood family had a redundant piece of land, and offered that to “Het Da Vinci College” , a school for animal care and gardening, with pupils who require additional support. They didn’t know where this would end, because there was a plot, lots of enthusiasm, involvement, from the school, neighbourhood and city council, but neither the skills, nor the money to realise the project. That’s where RO&AD architects stepped in.

▼ 为园艺学院设计的教学空间,the new building designed for College with low cost

▼ 建筑使用了低造价的材料,the basic low-priced materials

▼ 简单的建筑造型便于自行建设,simple truss structure is easy to be built

在荷兰 Noord-Brabant 省政府的帮助下,Visavis 景观设计师为这个场地投入了一小笔预算。他们设计了一个由老师,学生和社区自行建造的计划。新建筑是一个 6 米宽 100 米长的木质结构,有着便于制作的简单桁架,通过钉板固定在一起。所有房间:教室,工作室,温室等都在建筑中排成一排,没有任何浪费金钱的大厅或者走廊空间。

With help of the Province of Noord-Brabant, Visavis Landscape designers, who gave a small budget, they designed a plan which made it possible to be made by the teachers, the pupils, and the neighbourhood themselves. It is a 6 meters wide and 100 meters long timber structure, with relatively easy to make trusses, which are held together by nail plates. All rooms, like the classroom, animal room, greenhouses etc are placed in a row, without any room and money devouring things like halls or hallways.

▼ 所有功能连续分布,减少空间浪费,all functions are placed in row to reduce money devouring spaces

▼ 朴素的建筑立面,simple building facade

▼ 新建筑是一个宽 6 米,长 100 米的木质结构,is a 6 meters wide and 100 meters long timber structure

▼ 工作室,workshop

▼ 教室,classroom


When Rini, a teacher at the school, saw this, he became so enthusiastic, that he offered to make the building himself. And that is what happened. He postponed his retirement for 2 years, and together with neighbours, students and lots of other people he started to work. Under the guidance of a contractor and the architects, he built the school, and the garden in 1 1⁄2 year’s time. And it works! Neighbours are taking down their fences to get access to the school garden. They take care of the plants and the animals during the holidays, and the students finally have a place where they can be proud of to work on.

▼ 夜景,night’s view

▼ 概念鸟瞰,conceptual bird’s eye view

▼ 平面,plan

▼ 立面,elevation


▼ 轴测图,axonometric section

Schoolgarden “De Buitenkans”
Practical School for horticulture and animal care Roosendaal, The Netherlands

Design: 2014-2015
Construction 2015-2017
Total land area: 18.000 sq.m.
Building area: 600 sq.m.

Architect: RO&AD architecten
Design Team:
Ad Kil, Ro Koster, Tamara Giesbers, Chris Bakens

Landscape design: Vis-a-Vis
Structural Engineer: ABR
Contractor: Bergh Bouw
Photographs: Katja Effting

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