School Group in Boulogne Billancourt by Muoto

Car factory turns into school group

Project Specs


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Situated on a triangular site as part of the large “Rive de Seine” urban project in Boulogne-Billancourt, the new school group fits into a contrasting urban context and faces a large public plaza that allows access to both schools while creating a link to the secondary school across the street.

▼项目航拍,aerial view of the project©Olivier Campagne


The building is situated on former Renault cars factories. Its aesthetic identity refers to the shift from the former industrial economy of the site to the digital era, as the pedagogic program of the school has been specifically defined around the introduction of connected technologies.

▼项目概览,overall view of the project ©Maxime Delvaux

横观项目与周围城市肌理的过渡, 建筑师在沿街立面上为其绘制了一条曲折的轮廓线,为街道带来了不同新鲜元素。

Navigating a transition between urban fabrics, the building draws a crenelated skyline which develops different profiles the length of the streets it borders.

▼建筑立面上曲折的轮廓线,the building draws a crenelated skyline  ©Sacha Discors/Maxime Delvaux

▼从路口看体育馆,view the gym from the street cross ©Maxime Delvaux

▼从街道看建筑与体育馆, view the project including the gym from the street ©Maxime Delvaux


The general organization of the school defines a compact building, with highly visible entries and clear circulation.

▼封闭的主体建筑与底层清晰可见的入口, compact building, with highly visible entries ©Maxime Delvaux


This composite form is clad with steel panels to produce a homogenous facade, whose finely ribbed surface is animated by metallic reflections whose nuances of color create an engaging patchwork effect.

▼金属立面由于光的反射产生细微的颜色变化,形成了拼接效果, ribbed surface is animated by metallic reflections create an patchwork effect  ©Sacha Discors


In contrast, the glazed ground floor addresses the scale of the street, all while preserving the privacy of the students within.

▼底层的镜面玻璃反射了周边道路与车辆, the glazed ground floor addresses the scale of the street ©Maxime Delvaux

▼不透明的镜面玻璃保护了学生的隐私, the glazed glass preserving the privacy of the students within ©Muoto


The kindergarten benefits from a ground floor patio while the elementary school enjoys an L shaped terrace, with both possessing an ideal southern orientation while maintaining a level of protection from the surrounding neighborhood.

▼托儿所的室外活动场地为一层的中央庭院,the kindergarten benefits from a ground floor patio ©Muoto

▼小学的室外活动场地则为L型的露台, the elementary school enjoys an L shaped terrace ©Muoto/Maxime Delvaux

▼露台周围设置了防护措施,protective measures around the terrace©Muoto

extended facade provides a protection from the surrounding neighborhood ©Maxime Delvaux


The prominent gymnasium occupying the western corner acts as an urban marker accessible from both the school and the public space.

▼位于场地西侧的体育馆,the prominent gymnasium at western corner ©Maxime Delvaux

▼体育馆室内细部,interior detail of the gym ©Muoto

▼总平面图,master plan ©Muoto

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©Muoto

▼三层平面,2nd floor plan ©Muoto

▼立面图,facade ©Muoto

▼剖面图,sections ©Muoto

Program: Nursery and elementary school with 18 classrooms, a preschool facility, a gymnasium open to public and a public square
Client: SPL Val de Seine
Area: 5 058 m² SHON
Budget: 11 000 000 €
Architects: Muoto
Consultants: Betom, CapTerre, Alternative
Year: 2013 – 2018

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