Single family house, Trin, Switzerland by schneller caminada architekten

Concise style with abundant views

Project Specs


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The house is situated in Trin-Mulin wich is a small village in Grisons in front of an impressive mountain chain. The task was to draft a domicile for a couple. They required a living and dining room, a kitchen, two bedrooms with a bath and a dressing room, a library, a studio and a wine cellar. The conception was a three level house with almost a square footprint and a steep roof, precisely placed in the scenery. The flanking single-storey annex integrates the building in the landscape and defines the entrance. Further it allows to have two integrated covered parking places.

▼建筑全貌,full view


In the inside all the rooms are arranged around a central wooden stair core. The heightened living room causes mezzanine levels in the upper floors. This rooms varies in their height and orientation. The large windows are correspondingly located which proposes specific views in the mountains and strengthens the homogeneous appearance of the house.


▼一层起居室,living room





The supporting structure is built with a external leaf in concrete and supporting slabs. The inner wooden core is non-structural. Consequently it has an internal insulation with a mineral plaster on its surface. The color of the concrete is based on the regional cement.


▼场地平面,site plan

▼地下一层平面,basement plan

▼一层平面,first floor

▼二层平面,second floor

▼三层平面,third floor

▼北立面,north elevation

▼南立面,south elevation

▼东立面,east elevation

▼西立面,west elevation

▼剖面一,section 1

▼剖面二,section 1

ARCHITECT / FIRM NAME: schneller caminada architekten
PROJECT: single family house, 2016
PHOTOGRAPHER: Gaudenz Danuser

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