NFC, design for bus card by muren

Modern daily necessity with traditional design

Project Specs


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▼每一颗都独一无二的公交扣,each one is unique

Ping An buckle also known as nostalgia, Luo Han eyes, can eliminate evil and disaster relief, out of peace. This traditional ornament, when we designed the bus card, met with the clever. Buckle itself shape and the moral of carrying, it is precisely the bus card in their daily needs, whether it is simple and gentle styling, or just the right kind of good meaning. We chose all kinds of wood to try this shape, we found that the effect is very amazing. The unique texture and warm texture of wood are far beyond our expectation for conventional bus cards. Every color, texture, density, smell, Different touch, the whole is very familiar with, and simple and generous. A collection of traditional jewelry and modern day functions in one, so that we can find their own daily beauty.

▼公交扣的材料来自于不同木质,因此反应出独特的外观,the materials from different woods which display diverse colours

▼不同型号以满足不同需要,different sizes for different requirements


▼作为首饰,as jewelry

▼作为装饰品,as decoration

地 址:北京
分 类:设计

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