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Product design based on Chinese traditional culture

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在过去的5000年里,东方恢复草药之父神农氏的教义已逐渐发展成为一种以身体平衡与自由流动的能量系统为中心的精确哲学,将这种哲学与现代工艺相结合,便形成了“道之韵 ”。

Over the last 5,000 years, the teachings of Shen Nong, the father of eastern restorative herbal medicine, have been crafted into a precise methodical philosophy centred around the body’s balance and free-flowing energy systems. Adopting these learnings into the modern day, Scents of Dao was formed.

▼东方自古的自然养生之道,eastern restorative herbal method © Vita Mak & Judy Chen

就如同月亮绕着地球转,地球绕着太阳转一样,人们的日常生活也遵循着体内能量系统的运转。《道之韵 》结合了日与月两个关键元素,并通过甲骨文的形象展现出昼夜交替与生命循环之间的和谐联系。在平衡与对抗之间,形成自然的状态,营造出内心深处的和谐与宁静。

Just as the moon circles the earth and the earth the sun, human bodies are energy systems that abide by the act of diurnal living. Scents of Dao unites two key elements, the sun and the moon, characterised through the merging of the two Chinese symbols to become an anchor for day to night rituals that create natural harmony in our cyclical lives. This is the practice of balance and the discipline of opposing forces which create a harmonious tranquillity to our natural state.

▼产品logo中含有神农式以及日月甲骨文元素,The product logo contains Shennong and the sun and moon inscriptions © A Work of Substance

▼日用与夜用,product for day and night © Vita Mak & Judy Chen

▼产品概览,Product overall © Vita Mak & Judy Chen

▼产品细部,Product detail  © Vita Mak & Judy Chen

▼产品包装,Product packaging © Vita Mak & Judy Chen


To practice Scents of Dao, is to pay tribute to the healing properties of nature.

▼设计与中国古典元素相和谐,The design is in harmony with classical Chinese elements © Vita Mak & Judy Chen

▼产品展示,Product display © Vita Mak & Judy Chen

▼道之韵中的香薰产品,Aromatherapy products of the scents of Dao © Vita Mak & Judy Chen

Photographs by: Vita Mak & Judy Chen

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