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Borrow the garden landscape into the interior space

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This residence for a pediatrician and his family is located in a part of Yamagata Prefecture that receives heavy snow. The design began with the idea of using a rock garden on the adjacent property, where the client’s parents live, as “borrowed scenery.” The distinctive massive concrete façade utilizes exterior insulation to ensure a comfortable interior temperature even in mid-winter, and the brise-soleil and insulated wood-framed windows further adapt the home to its snowy environment.

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©Masao Nishikawa

▼厚重的混凝土墙面和保温层帮助建筑抵御严寒,heavy concrete wall with insulation helping the building to stand cold ©Masao Nishikawa

▼建筑一侧为隔壁地块的岩石花园,rock garden on the adjacent property of the building ©Masao Nishikawa


The first floor features an open kitchen facing a dynamic living room with a double-height ceiling. Thanks to the built-in wall storage extending from the kitchen to the living room, the space stays free of clutter. Large fixed windows behind the iconic fireplace offer views of the rock garden, bringing a sense of the shifting seasons and time into the living room and kitchen that gives them a resort-like mood.  The windows are intentionally positioned low to incorporate the lush borrowed scenery of the rock garden while blocking lines of sight from adjacent houses.

▼面向岩石花园的开窗压低,保证室内隐私,lower the glass window facing the rock garden, ensuring the privacy inside the house ©Masao Nishikawa

▼房屋入口,entrance of the building ©Masao Nishikawa

▼玄关,entry hall ©Masao Nishikawa

▼面向起居室的开放厨房,open kitchen facing the living room ©Masao Nishikawa

▼厨房,kitchen ©Masao Nishikawa

▼通高的起居室,储物柜隐藏在墙面后,double-height living room, storage hidden behind the walls ©Masao Nishikawa

▼火炉后方玻璃墙面框出岩石庭院的景观,glass wall behind the fireplace framing the scenery of the rock garden ©Masao Nishikawa

▼通向二层的楼梯,stair connecting to the second floor ©Masao Nishikawa

▼天光照亮楼梯间,natural light running into the staircase through skylight ©Masao Nishikawa


The second floor houses the children’s rooms, master bedroom, and other private spaces. The children’s rooms are interactively linked with the living room via the void, creating a pleasant sense of connectivity. In the future, the family can expand relationships with relatives and friends by adding play and rest areas around the perimeter of the property. In this sense, the residence reflects a traditional rural lifestyle that blends strong family ties with community connections.

▼二层儿童房,与通高的客厅产生互动,children’s room on the second floor, interacting with the double-height living room ©Masao Nishikawa

▼浴室,bathroom ©Masao Nishikawa

▼夜景,night view ©Masao Nishikawa

Architecture : Satoshi Kurosaki/APOLLO Architects & Associates
Photography : Masao Nishikawa

Location : Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Date of Completion : March 2020
Principal Use : Private housing
Structure : Reinforced-concrete
Site Area: 845.32m2
Total Floor Area : 216.54m2 (83.88m2/1F, 53.28m2/2F)
Design Period : March 2017 – April 2019
Construction Period : April 2019 – March 2020
Structural Engineer : Masaki Structure

Exterior Finish : Elastic Lysine spray
Floor : Tile Flooring, Walnut Flooring
Wall : Exposed Concrete, Acrylic Emulsion Paint.
Ceiling : Exposed Concrete, Acrylic Emulsion Paint, Walnut
Lighting :LED

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