São Bernardo Elementary School, Aveiro by ARTE TECTóNiCA

Pure white building with translucent porches in sky blue

Project Specs


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项目坐落于葡萄牙阿威罗(Aveiro),旨在取代原有的设有8间基础教室的São Bernardo小学,为孩子们提供舒适的教学环境。在大约十年的时间里,学校一直被安置在一个预制的临时凉亭里,如今,这个凉亭则被改造成操场上的凉棚。

The aim was to create a new project to replace 8 basic educational classrooms at São Bernardo School, in Aveiro, Portugal. For about a decade, the school was housed in a prefabricated pavilion, now reused as a covered playground.

▼项目整体鸟瞰,aerial view of the project © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼南侧鸟瞰,aerial view of the project of the south side © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼北侧鸟瞰,aerial view of the project of the north side © Ivo Tavares Studio


Located between the cafeteria and the gym, the available terrain was a longitudinally East/West rectangular shape. The concept was a two volume/two floors building, with an independent entrance and roof covering, as Aveiro is one of the highest rainfall districts in Portugal. In addition to the 8 classrooms, the program also included a teachers’ lounge and a gym.

▼校园整体航拍顶视图,aerial top view of the project © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼连廊顶视图,aerial top view of the covered outer walkways © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼多层中空板连廊顶棚细部,details of the outer walkways in Thermoclear  © Ivo Tavares Studio


▼两栋建筑的坡屋顶形成四个连续的斜坡,The four slopes articulated roof allows a two volumes silhouette © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼与建筑轴线成45度的连廊,the walkway trough an 45º axis © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼室外入口,entrance of exterior © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼天蓝色的半透明门廊,the translucent porches in sky blue © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼光影效果,light effect © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼由室内看连廊,viewing the outdoor walkway from interior © Ivo Tavares Studio

The four slopes articulated roof allows a two volumes silhouette, that conceals in the middle “valley” the HVAC equipment and the solar panels. The white tile and walls option unifies by color the two volumes, the outer walkways in Thermoclear blue frames the white, adding to the opacity of the built mass the lightness of the translucent porches in sky blue. Exceptionally the covered entrance evades the East / West orthogonality, and aligns the walkway trough an 45º axis.

▼由北侧看教学楼,viewing the building from the north © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼教室均位于北侧并设有规整的开窗,Classrooms are located on the north side and have neat openings © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼建筑外观细部,details of the facades © Ivo Tavares Studio


This horizontal circulation longitudinal space is reproduced both in ground and first floor, with connection through a wide staircase, beginning in the two-story high, entrance hall. The plan is approximately rectangular, “centre parting”, with classroom façade cutouts strictly exposed to geographic North, to receive the “perfect light”, without direct solar incidence.

▼教学楼入口,entrance of the project © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼二层通高的入口大厅,entrance hall with double-height © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼连接两层的宽大楼梯,wide staircase, beginning in the two-story high, entrance hall © Ivo Tavares Studio


Juxtaposing “serviced spaces” with “servant spaces” (Op. Cit. Louis Kahn), the proposed concept was to consecrate the North exposure to the classrooms, and to distribute the “servant” spaces along the central corridor, big enough to have individualized student lockers.

▼楼层概览,overall of the two stories © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼中央走道与充足的储物空间,central corridor and plenty student lockers © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼教室,classroom © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼报告厅,auditorium © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼“服务空间”,“serviced spaces”  © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼楼梯与天花板细部,details of the staircase and the ceiling © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan ©ARTE TECTóNiCA

▼二层平面图,upper floor plan ©ARTE TECTóNiCA

▼剖面图,section ©ARTE TECTóNiCA

Project name: São Bernardo Elementary School, Aveiro
Architecture Office: ARTE TECTóNiCA
Main Architect: Arquitecto João Cassiano Santos
Website: www.artetectonica.com
E-mail: geral@artetectonica.pt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artetectonica
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artetectonica/
Location: Aveiro
Year of conclusion : 2020
Total area: 4375 m²
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
Website : www.ivotavares.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ivotavaresstudio
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ivotavaresstudio

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