SAM dining table for FOGIA By Note

Nordic style, light and refined.

Project Specs


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SAM是为Fogia设计的新餐桌系列,由NOTE、 Andreas Engesvik (No) 和Stefan Borselius (SE)合作完成—“三个设计师、一件产品”。SAM(Samarbete的缩写,瑞典语中表达合作之意),是Fogia的全新多功能餐桌。桌腿与桌面独立开来,让整个桌子看起来十分轻盈。桌面形状和极富新意的桌腿细节为SAM赋予了浓烈的北欧风格,具有柔软的外观和强大的功能性。桌子尺寸和桌腿位置都是根据实用性认真思考得出的,确保周围的每个人都有舒适的就座空间。SAM的设计灵感来源于家庭和朋友,旨在鼓励人们相聚聊天、增进感情。螺纹纹理的实木桌腿通过安装组件与桌面牢固地连成一体。




SAM dining table for Fogia, a collaboration between NOTE, Andreas Engesvik (No) and Stefan Borselius (SE). 3 designers 1 product. “Sam (a short version of Samarbete which mean collaboration in swedish) is a brand new range of versatile tables from Fogia. The tables are visually light as the legs are attached separately to the table top . The shape of the table top and the constructive leg mounting detail gives Sam a soft and functional Scandinavian appearance. The size of the table and the positioning of the legs have been carefully thought out in terms of utilization, and to make sure that everyone has enough space to sit comfortably round the table. Inspired by family life and friends, the Sam table series invites us to gather and socialize around it.Its threaded legs in solid wood are held in place by (robust) mounting components to the table top.

These industrial mounting components are concealed behind fine bentwood details that cover and  embrace, creating an elegant yet practical solution. The laminate top is also highly functional when it comes to cleaning and durability. The table is easy to assemble/disassemble, as well as lightweight allowing it to be moved around and stored with ease.

The Sam dining and working table range is designed by Stefan Borselius , Note and Andreas Engesvik. This collaborative project includes all the designers that were involved in designing Fogia’s new collection that was launched in Stockholm in February. The Sam range will be launched in Stockholm during Swedish Midsummer design week in June 2014”.





Title: SAM
Object: Furniture /table
Client: Fogia (SV)
L 120 cm
B 106 cm
H 72 cm
L 180 cm
B 106 cm
H 72 cm
Material: Ash wood
Year: 2014
Photo: Jonas Lindström
Location: Fogia Showroom

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