Sakai House by SAI Architectural Design Office

55 square meter house with four voids, encouraging an open life style with privacy.

Project Specs


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The 65 square meters site is located in the fire prevention area, which requires for more fire proofing solutions. Thus firewalls are used to enclose the building space as well as supporting the building. The living space rotated 45° and created 4 courtyards against the firewalls. The open courtyards function as light well to let natural light go softly into the living space. There are also indirect lighting in the courtyards which provide comfortable illumination to the interior during night time. The four courtyards could also be used as extension of the different rooms and provide space for parking, etc.

▼建筑外观,被厚重的防火墙围合,external view of the building, enclosed by heavy firewalls

▼开放的入口空间,open entrance space

▼浅色波形金属板使防火墙显得更为轻盈,木框玻璃推拉门划分出通透的一层空间,light colored corrugated panels make the firewall lighter while wood framed glass sliding doors create the transparent room on the ground floor

▼开放的楼梯和庭院,open staircase and courtyard

▼一层的浴室与庭院相连,私密性与开放感并存,first floor bathroom with courtyard, creating an open feeling with enough privacy


As the connection between people and the community is becoming weaker, the architect wants to create a home with considerable privacy for an open life style and gradually rebuild the relationship in the neighborhood.

▼二层起居空间,living, dining and kitchen on the second floor

▼家具划分空间,提供足够的操作和储藏面积,space defined by furniture, providing plenty operating and storage space


▼玻璃围合结构和防火墙之间的天井提供采光,void between the glass enclosure and firewall provides natural light to the interior

▼二层卫生间,wash room on the second floor


▼三层阳台,balcony on the third floor


▼夜景,间接照明形成舒适的光环境,night view, indirect lighting creates a comfortable luminous environment



设计:SAI Architectural Design Office
施工:株式会社 池正


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