Saga Dental Association Hall by Kazunari Sakamoto Architectural Laboratory

Possibility of architecture by articulation and integration in composition

Project Specs


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The site of this building is close to the ruins of Saga Castle, where the administrative and cultural central areas such as the prefectural government and museums are spread. In addition to the basic philosophy of the dentist society, such as training of member skills and the center of dentistry in the community, on the occasion of rebuilding the Saga Dentist Association, which celebrated 100 years since its establishment, The ideal way of meeting today’s philosophy of “open dentist society” was required.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


In the area where the alleys and waterways of the castle town remain, a vocational school operated by the association is located on the site deep from the street. In addition to the use at the dentist’s association, considering the use of this school and renting, the hall building is separated and the volume of a one-story high roof with multi-directional large openings and large eaves is close to the town, easy for people to access.



▼独立大厅+办公塔楼,the hall and the office tower

The office building, which is mainly handles member training and office functions, has a compact flat surface stacked in a tower shape. These separate volumes of  hall and office building are integrated as a single building by a large eaves over the entire building, and are connected spatially by the foyer under the eaves, so that the hall can be used independently. This configuration also represents the philosophy of “open dentist society”.

▼入口大厅,entrance hall


▼首层演讲厅,1F lecture hall

▼会议室,meeting room

▼办公空间,office area

▼研讨室,seminar room

▼研讨室细部,seminar room detailed view


▼屋檐和露台的宽度根据空间的功能而有所变化,the size and type of the opening, the width of the eaves and terraces correspond to various levels of functionality

The hall building and office building are connected by windows with a eaves. The size and type of the opening, the width of the eaves and terraces, etc. correspond to various levels of functionality, comfort for building use, consideration for surrounding buildings, floor plan, direction and thermal environment of space. Coupled with this, the interior of the open hall building that can continue to the outside and the office building with a compact plane of about 12m square is a space where you can feel the expanse of the surrounding city and the Saga Plain.

▼享有广阔视野的休息室,lounge with an expansive view to the surrounding city


In this way, the composition by volume articuration and integration of this building corresponds to various internal and external factors such as the building program and site environment. This kind of building, which has been shared and used by a limited number of members, is now open to more people and will be one of the ways of building “a public building”.

▼檐下露台,terrace covered by eaves

▼建筑夜景,exterior view by night

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,1F plan

▼2-5层平面图,2F-5F plan

▼南立面图,south elevation

▼剖面透视图,sectional perspective

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