Sacromonte shelter by MAPA Architects

the wooden shelter in the hotel in harmony with the landscape

Project Specs


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Sacromonte是一块优质葡萄酒培植基地,地处于偏远的大自然中,同样它也是一块给客人带来精致和天然的景观体验的休闲胜地。整个场地占地面积超过250英亩,坐落于一个美丽的乌拉圭东部山脉环境中。 离Punta del Este,JoséIgnacio和PuebloGarzón地区距离相等,这里存在着独有的生态系统,存有一种独特的场地精神。

Sacromonte is an invitation to approach the world of fine wines in a remote natural setting, where sophistication and the rudimentary coexist in a new experience of the landscape.Its lands, stretching over 250 acres, are nestled in a privileged location: the wild sierras of eastern Uruguay. At an equal distance between Punta del Este, José Ignacio and Pueblo Garzón, it is a unique ecosystem to be enjoyed with a singular spirit.

▼Sacromonte场地环境一览 ,the overview of  Sacromonte


Sacromonte是一片体验场地 | Sacromonte as a field for experiences


Sacromonte is landscape. It is a field of relational forces, of ancient intensity and new impulses that jointly create a new, unprecedented entity. Thus, nature, production, infrastructure and the palpable energy of the site configure a field of stimuli to be discovered; a field of experiences.In this idyllic landscape, young vineyards adapted to the unique characteristics of its soil, interact with a hill from which the entire spot may be observed, with its lush grasslands, natural spring water reservoirs and several streams that run through the valley densely surrounded by pristine vegetation. It is the contemporary explorer who will rewrite its own script, costarring the landscape while walking through a wide range of scenarios.

▼从小山丘的某点俯瞰整个葡萄园和酒店建筑,the vineyard andthe hotel interact with a hill from which the entire spot may be observed

▼山林中散落着Sacromonte酒店小屋 ,cabins of the Sacromonte hotel scattered in the natural hill

Sacromonte(精制葡萄酒)将成为乌拉圭的新创小型酒庄的一部分,并作为被国际认可的少量优质葡萄酒生产商。 Sacromonte葡萄园的独特之处在于其风土条件,它位于马尔多纳多的野生山脉中,该山脉陡峭的山坡朝北,山中的岩石土壤多为云母片岩和花岗岩。

Sacromonte (Crafted Wines) will be part of a young constellation of small Uruguayan wineries of recent international recognition as producers of small quantities of premium wines. A unique feature of Sacromonte’s vineyards is the terroir, a result of its location in the wild sierras of Maldonado, with steep hillsides facing north and its rocky soils, rich in mica schist and granite.

▼溪流环绕着葡萄园和酒店建筑 ,several streams surrounding the vineyard and the hotel

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel酒店拥有舒适精致的城市酒店的特点,但用独特的小屋散落建造在景观中,替代了城市酒店中连续客房的概念。同时,电梯和建筑走廊也被自然中的曲径所代替。 整个酒店共有13个小屋(4个一般房间和9个观景房),分别散布在Sacromonte山丘上的最佳位置点。一间与餐厅相结合的酿酒厂设在葡萄园和酒店娱乐区域之间,由葡萄酒商店和一个品尝葡萄酒的山顶露台构成了酒店的娱乐区域,与酒店设施相结合,为客人提供完美的服务。

With the comfort and sophistication of urban hotels, Sacromonte Landscape Hotel substitutes the concept of contiguous rooms with exclusive cabins scattered through the landscape. In addition, elevators and corridors are replaced by winding paths. A total of 13 cabins (4 shelters and 9 landscape shelters) are disseminated over the Sacromonte topography, seeking the best locations. A winery with a restaurant set among the vineyards, a reception area with a wine store and a hilltop terrace for wine tasting put the finishing touches to the hotel facilities.

▼与自然环境和谐共存的Sacromonte酒店 ,the Sacromonte hotel coexist with the site harmoniously


At the same time, a network of elements that amplify the experience of the landscape is in place, intended to enhance unexplored spots: an open chapel among the vineyards and paths, trails and tracks activated by programs for the enjoyment of wine, culture and art.Last but not least, Sacromonte is a sustainable venture, which includes the environmental dimension in all its decisions. Prefab buildings, low-emissivity glass, living roofs, the use of local materials for onsite works, an organic vegetable garden, electric cars for transport, renewable energy, the rational use of fertilizers, the use of spring waters and the eco-friendly waste water treatment system are a few of the strategies that make Sacromonte a field of harmoniously coexisting events.



Sacromonte小屋是一场景观的预制体验 | Sacromonte Shelters as a prefab experience of the landscape

Sacromonte独家客房由蒙得维的亚市区的一家工厂制作完成。 整个过程非常快速一个不到10周的时间,之后一天内运输到距离超过200公里的Sacromonte进行组装。 离开城市后,通常的房间概念不再存在,而是成为了一个景观观赏点。 它们不仅仅是实质的房间,更是赋予了景观体验的美妙场所。

Sacromonte exclusive rooms start in a factory in the metropolitan area of Montevideo. It is a speedy process of less than 10 weeks, after which they are transported over more than 200 km in a single day. Leaving the city behind, the rooms cease to exist as such and become landscape shelters. They are no longer objects but rather evolve into experiences.

▼Sacromonte小屋外览 ,the exterior view of  Sacromonte shelter

▼Sacromonte小屋外圆形泳池形成了一个全新的感官体验 ,circular pools outside composing a new sensory experience of the landscape

这些模块化金属结构,混合了钢性框架和轻钢框架,这些结构都以构建的简单性和材料的高效使用为优先考虑。建设中的全部材料均与环境和谐相融,材料饰面采用简单而富有表现力的效果。与之形成鲜明对比的是,支撑预制模块的墙壁均采用当地石材,并采用多种有机的形状去适应各个安置位置。 圆形泳池形成了一个全新的感官体验,增加更多景观效果。

The modular metal structure, a blend of steel framing and light steel framing, gives preference to constructive simplicity and the efficient use of materials. Finishing is simple and expressive. Materials are used in harmony with their nature. In sharp contrast, the walls supporting the prefab modules are built onsite with local stones and take diverse organic shapes adapted to each placement. Circular pools, composing a new sensory experience of the landscape, complement them.

▼采用当地石材支撑预制的模块小屋 ,the prefab modules supported by local stones

木屋的空间被设计成一系列不同厚度的纵向层,日常生活功能设置在这些建筑层之间。 而小木屋的后面由成堆的原木构成,让人联想到日常生活中典型的柴堆在这个自然环境里。而在木屋的下层设置较为湿润的空间,如浴室和厨房,壁炉和一个由景观围合出的阅读角落,是一个适宜于阅读或午睡的理想场所。 建筑师用木板分隔内部空间,包含卧室,起居室和餐厅,这些主要空间完全向室外景观开放,置入的景观之中或者成为其不可分割的一部分。

▼小木屋的后墙由成堆的原木构成 ,the rear plane of the cabins is composed by piles of wood logs

▼小屋背面让人联想到日常生活中的柴堆 ,the rear plane is reminiscent of woodpiles typical of lifestyles

The space is organized in a sequence of longitudinal layers of different thicknesses, between which daily life develops. The rear plane of the cabins is composed by piles of wood logs, reminiscent of woodpiles typical of lifestyles in natural settings.The following layer hosts the wet areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen, a fireplace and a reading nook ideal for just reading or sleeping a siesta, sheltered by the landscape. Separated by a wood plane, follows the main space containing the bedroom, living and dining room, which opens fully onto the landscape it is inserted in and of which it is an integral part.

▼木屋立面由一块单向镜面玻璃构成 ,the façade is composed by a sheet of one-way mirror

▼傍晚时原始的自然感与现代科技感都融合在玻璃立面中 ,the mirror creates a tense limit between both the rhythm of nature and the unreal sheen of technology and modern times during the sunset


The façade is composed by a sheet of one-way mirror, covering the cabin with an almost magical effect, creating a tense limit between both the camouflage and the rhythm of nature and the unreal sheen of technology and modern times.

▼从房间客厅欣赏葡萄园景色 ,the view of  vineyard from the living room

▼用木板分隔出卧室,起居室和餐厅内部空间,the main space containing the bedroom, living and dining room separated by a wood plane

▼夜幕中的小屋内部空间 ,the interior in the evening

▼建筑平面图 ,the plan


▼建筑轴测图,the building axon

▼轴测解构图,exploded axon


▼ 建筑剖面图,the section of the building


By MAPA Architects
Partners: Luciano Andrades, Matías Carballal, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado.
Project Team: Pablo Courreges, Diego Morera, Emiliano Lago, Fabián Sarubbi, Sandra Rodríguez, Rafael Solano, Agustín Dieste, Alba Álvarez, Marcos Gómara, Victoria Reibakas.
Photography: Leonardo Finotti ©
Interior Area: 60 m2
Assembly and installation: MTA Ingeniería
Engineering Project: Lagomarsino & Asoc.
Windows: Alushop+Alumex (Sapa)
Woodwork: Cosia y Pombo
Furniture: Estudio Claro, Estudio Diario, BoConcept, Don Baez
Lighting: Trios Lighting (Marset)
Automation: Lutron
Audio: Bang&Olufsen
Marbles: Anibal Abbate
Solar panels: Chromagem
Green Roof: Ecotelhado
Woods: Maguinor Maderas
Pool: Mileto

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