Work and live – small functional apartment by RUST architects

Functional apartment with work and live intimacy but clear separation.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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RUST architects designed a small 53 sqm apartment in an International Style building at the heart of Tel-Aviv. The building, which is a part of the White City World Heritage Site, was built 85 years ago. It is characterized by small apartments with high ceilings and wide strip windows.

The owners, a young couple who works from home, wanted to create a living space alongside a work space, while maintaining both intimacy and clear separation. The design challenge included mixing different functions, creating storage areas and maximizing natural light in a small space – without demanding a complex operation.

▼ 客厅,the living room


▼ 对客厅开敞的厨房和餐厅,the kitchen opens  to the living room


▼ 保证充足的采光 ,maximizing natural light in a small space

007-RUST11      010-RUST14

▼ 将工具挂起以节省空间,hanging up all the tools to save the space

010-RUST12      010-RUST06




The apartment was divided into two parts: a private area which includes a bedroom, bathroom and service closet, and a public area with the living room and kitchen.

A box containing the work space was placed between the two parts of the apartment. The box contains two comfortable work stations which are defined by iron frames, glass partitions and a wooden library, which also serves as a media center. The library contains the apartment’s communication systems, allowing to control the entire home media systems.

To facilitate the parallel use of the different functions, the finishing materials were chosen according to their acoustic quality: double layered wooden floors, insulated walls, exposed bricks and acoustic ceiling tiles in the work space.

▼ 工作空间是一个嵌入的盒子,A box containing the work space was placed between the apartment


▼ 使用由铁架与玻璃隔板围合的工作空间,the work place are defined by iron frames, glass partitions

005-RUST05      006-RUST07

▼  卧室,the bedroom


▼ 卧室对面的存储空间, the storage areas in the bedroom


由于这个小公寓拥有大量的细节,因此建筑师选择使用如灰色调,钢和木材等经典的建筑和装饰材料来改造公寓。 各种材料结合在一起,营造出温暖丰富又令人愉快轻松的氛围。

由于建筑的尺度过小,所以建筑师必须仔细设计包括家具,厨房,存储空间以及门的每一个木工细节。室内大量使用蠕虫渐变灯以及科技灯,创造出愉悦的感受并强调了以色列设计师Asaf Weinbroom的灯具装饰艺术。

Due to the large amount of details in such a small apartment, the architects chose to use classic construction and finishing materials such as a grayscale color palette, steel and wood. The variety of materials is combined to create a warm and rich but also pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The size of the apartment demanded the architects to fully design the carpentry details, including furniture, kitchen, storage areas and doors. Worm light gradient and technical light fixtures were used to create a pleasant feel and to emphasize Israeli light designer Asaf Weinbroom’s ( ) decorative light fixtures.

▼ 卫生间,the washing room

011-RUST10     011-RUST09

▼ 节点,the joint detail


▼ 公寓平面图,plan


Photos by: Yoav Peled

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