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关于具象建筑的讨论从来都很有趣。有人认为今天建筑学的发展离建筑师太近而离城市的真正使用者太远,城市中一些具象建筑的出现恰恰拉近了普通人和建筑学距离。但是建筑师通常会以一种挑剔的眼光来批判这一类建筑,而普罗大众恰恰又很喜欢这些容易识别妙趣横生的房子。雅俗之间,来自俄罗斯的建筑师Vasily Klyukin 带来了自己设计的一座玫瑰花馆。

玫瑰花是世界上最美的花朵,也是送给爱人的礼物。Vasily Klyukin希望把这栋宛如玫瑰花的建筑作为送给世界上某座城市的礼物。 古往今来,每一次的庆典和盛会都离不开这些美丽的花朵。美丽的玫瑰带给艺术家无数的灵感和启迪。建筑师希望可以用玫瑰花去阐释一栋建筑的内涵,给城市平添一抹亮色。

Roses are the most beautiful flowers and they are a gift of those who are in love. Since I’m in love with architecture I would like to make this gift to a city in the world. Every celebration or special event cannot do without these flowers originate from ancient Rome since roses are the best decoration. In art these flowers have inspired many painters and I want to interpret them in architecture to create an adornment for a city.

▼鸟瞰,bird view

Roses Pavilion by Vasily Klyukin-001


Roses Pavilion by Vasily Klyukin-005


Roses Pavilion is a bunch of roses made of glass and metal. In the evening time the interior lighting can change the color that will depend on desire and mood. The bunch can be simply red, yellow, white as well as it can combine dozens of various shades of roses.As for its functionality it can enclose a flower shop and a woman spa as well as modern art house or a museum of jewelry. Visitors will be literally full of flowers; the ventilation system will full all the building with the scent.

▼千变万化的色彩,varieties of colors

Roses Pavilion by Vasily Klyukin-006

Roses Pavilion by Vasily Klyukin-007

如果有一片土地,Vasily Klyukin认为玫瑰花馆一定会被建出来。这个项目不会是纸上的一个梦想,相反,他希望这个设计可以变成艺术家灵感的源泉。

Will this Pavilion be built? It will, if it finds a plot of land. Otherwise this concept will forever remain a set of pictures but it will probably inspire someone to implement their own artistic design.

▼建筑倒映水中,reflection from the lake

Roses Pavilion by Vasily Klyukin-008


Roses Pavilion by Vasily Klyukin-009

Drawings: Vasily Klyukin
English Text: Vasily Klyukin
Chinese Text: gooood

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