Root Bench by Yong Ju Lee Architecture

public furniture in dynamic shape of spreading root

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Root Bench 是对Hangang Art Competition获奖作品的全新阐释。这个安装在草坪上的圆形公共家具直径有30米,以根系蔓延的形态布满了整个公园。它与空旷的室外公园形成了强烈的对比,充满视觉刺激。

Root Bench is the reinterpretation of winning proposal in Hangang Art Competition. This is circle-shaped public furniture with diameter of 30m, installed in grass, which shows dynamic shape of root spreading throughout the park. It provides visual stimulus creating strong contrast to the background of spacious outdoor park.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

Root Bench高度不同,人们可以坐和依靠在上面休息。从获奖作品中延续的主要理念就是:从中心延伸出的有机形状,创造空间的连续性。

And people can take a rest with it while sitting and leaning on its different height. The main concept continued from the winning proposal is that the organic shape sprawling out from the center creates spatial connectivity.   

▼直径30米的公共家具为根系蔓延的形态,public furniture is circle-shaped  with diameter of 30m

▼细部,detailed view

▼长椅为人们提供了休息的空间,people can take a rest here


While communicating each other, visitors can feel comfortable in resting space and enjoy the art piece at the same time. It also functions perfectly as furniture with three different heights: child chair (250mm), adult chair (450mm) and table (75mm). The rhythmical shape can suggest fresh stimulation to Hangang Park and provide various aspects of pleasure.

▼夜间视角,长椅为公园带来多样的乐趣,night view: the piece provides various aspects of pleasure

这个艺术作品所呈现的三维几何形态是通过计算机算法设计出来的。金属框架和混凝土底座作为主要结构支撑着整个体系,外部以木板覆盖。通过对常用材料的处理,座位既保持了舒适,又很容易使用和维护。在呈现出完整圆形的同时,Root Bench与草丛融合,模糊了人工设施与自然环境的界线。

The art piece designed by computer algorithm presents dynamicity from three-dimensional geometry. The metal frame with concrete footing supports the overall form as main structure and wooden deck covers it. By applying familiar material for finishing, it is easy to use and maintain as a comfort seat. As well as suggesting complete shape of circle, Root Bench is fused into the grass and blurs the boundary between artificial installation and natural environment.

▼金属框架与混凝土底座作为结构体系,metal frame and concrete footing is the main structure

▼Root Bench与草丛形成融合,Root Bench is fused into the grass

▼城市鸟瞰,urban context


To articulate spreading-out branch intensively, reaction-diffusion system is applied to design process. This mathematical model describes the change in space and time of the concentration of one or more chemical substances: local chemical reactions in which the substances are transformed into each other, and diffusion which causes the substances to spread out over a surface in space. Through the algorithm from it, overall radial form is generated with the foreground (installation) merging into its background (grass).

▼施工现场,construction site

▼数学模型与计算机算法,mathematical model & computer algorithm

▼设计过程中采用了反应—扩散系统,reaction-diffusion system is applied to design process


Project name: Root Bench
Architect’s Firm: Yong Ju Lee Architecture
Contact e-mail:
Project location: 302-17 Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area: 700 sqm
Lead Architects: Yong Ju Lee
Design team: Seung Joon Lee, HyeokJun Dong, Seongmin Moon
Construction: Sunjin Plus
Client: Hangang Art Park
Photo credits: Kyungsub Shin, Dae Won Lee, Kyung Mo Choi, Yong Ju Lee Architecture
Photographer’s website:

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