Renovation of the street front of Zhongping Road, Fuzhou, China by Depth Design

A spatio-temporal crisscross of both history and modern

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Fuzhou zhongping road is located in the city center. It is the famous “ten miles mix western culture” in fuzhou during the period of the republic of China. As the epitome of the prosperity of fuzhou in those days, zhongping road bears the unique memory of the city. Flat road street in the us as the first phase of the business transformation packaging, while keeping up on the basis of the construction of the republic of China in one hundred, joined the unique design, whether it is a big sign of the plane design, small side called the historical elements of refining, window display, or enter type planning of interior decoration, spatio-temporal crisscross of both history and modern, is also the perfect fusion of Chinese and western customs.

▼改造后立面局部,street facade after renovation


The main body of this design project is commercial packaging to create a new commercial atmosphere after the restoration of ancient streets. We started from the signboard graphic design of the facade of the building. Taking the architectural form as the element, we added bright colors without losing composure, which perfectly combined the republic of China architecture in the street.

▼招牌平面的设计与民国建筑完美结合,the signboards are perfectly combined with the architecture of the Republic of China era


In view of the location of street buildings along the street, we integrated historical facts and redistributed the street commercial atmosphere. They are flower shops with large glass windows, coffee shops for relaxing, bars integrating cigar and wine cocktails, hotels after years of sedimentation, and the old site of nanfang daily which gives new life.

▼改造后花店一角,flower shop after renovation

▼花店橱窗细部,show window detailed view


▼改造后的咖啡店,coffee shop facade

▼咖啡店内部,coffee shop interior view


▼酒吧立面,bar facade

▼酒吧室内一角,interior view

▼改造后旅舍外景,hotel facade

▼街道侧面招牌, signboard

▼改造前的街道立面,street facade before renovation

设计公司:上海浅深室内设计工程有限公司(Depth Design)
项目设计 & 完成年份:2017年12月——2018年12月
设计主创:张耀天(Depth Design)

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