Renovation house V Antwerp by Hans Verstuyft Architecten

Simple and concise classical house renovation

Project Specs


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A typical add construction, dark and cold, a not so clever intervention from the past to expand a classical house, was the starting point. Where extra surface area is usually regarded as luxury, the opposite was the way of thinking here. By exchanging living space for outdoor space, a larger garden was created with a kind of garden room. Moreover, the daylight could penetrate more deeply into the house. The outside room is a nice covered area with a bench and a fireplace. The “living” kitchen is now on full width. A characterless skylight was masked with small wooden beams, outside these function as a sunblind. The interior is simple and sober: an off-white color palette, natural stone, oak. Concrete and Corten steel weather naturally outside.

▼由起居室改造的半室外空间,outdoor space exchanged from living space

▼增设了壁炉和长凳的起居厨房室外部分,exterior part of “living” kitchen with bench and fireplace

▼起居厨房的室内部分,interior part of “living” kitchen

▼室内的灰白色调试图缓解房子之前的阴冷气氛,an off-white color palette tries to adjust previous dark and cold atmosphere.

▼屋顶上的横梁设计增加了室内采光,design of small wooden beams increase skylight coming into indoor space

▼起居厨房的内、外两部分通过玻璃门连接,通透敞亮,并且方便调整使用空间,the indoor and outdoor spaces of the living kitchen are separated by glass doors, which provide the sunshine to the interior space and easy to adjust the using space.

▼简洁的室内家具,furniture with concise style and materials

▼便于采光的屋顶横梁,small wooden beams for skylight

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