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Hans Kotter的光学艺术作品展示了光学可能性的多重宇宙,它们突破了空间的边线,使得空间在物质与非物质之间徘徊。Kotter通过他的作品,创造了一个虚幻的世界。这个世界里人们不仅能分辨出光的物理维度,还能通过技术精准的材料组合来控制人们的感知。

The light-based works of Hans Kotter show a pluriverse of optical possibilities that break through the boundaries of space and extend it on a material and immaterial basis. Through his objects, Kotter creates illusionary worlds which not only sound out the physical dimensions of light, but also control the viewers’ perception in technically refined material combinations.

▼在特定角度看光学组件构成了特定的图案,the optical objects form a specific pattern when looking from a designed angle

▼光与透视一起制造了视觉错觉,light and perspective create the visual illusion

▼空间仿佛被分解,the space seems to dissolve


Each of Kotter’s artworks not only tries to re-define the given surroundings and in particular also the interior of the respective object and to change it based on light-generated structures. Bodies of light become bodies of space, which as chimeras push the technical conditions to imaginability limits of what is visible and make the pieces turn into scientifically sophisticated apparatuses. As a result, Kotter takes over the power of definition over the respective space and the underlying parameters, in which light serves as a starting point of an artistically analytical calculation of space. The artist transfers moments of electromagnetic radiation into the field of visibility of the human eye and challenges it to review formations of visual presentation modes that are usually difficult to calculate.

▼艺术家将电磁辐射转变到人眼可见性的领域,并挑战去实现难以计算的视觉呈现模式; the artist transfers moments of electromagnetic radiation into the field of visibility of the human eye and challenges it to review formations of visual presentation modes that are usually difficult to calculate


▼光与几何一起创造出不断重复、不断叠加的空间,让人享受着未知和神秘带来的快感;the light and geometries create spaces with repetition and ceaseless overlay that bring people the joy of unknown and a sense of mystery

Art and science serve as a symbiotic momentum of a transfer of realities, which is technically motivated and transposes reality into different formats of what is possible. The experimental arrangements that can be tested in Kotter’s light objects are shown in the results in which the experiment is transformed into an artistic patent. The most recent objects bear witness of dealing with formations of “white” light. Although not actually realisable in practice, at least nuances of different colour temperatures and graduations of white can be perceived. LED lights, fluorescent light tubes, glass, plexi, mirrors, metal and other materials serve Kotter as a basis for the creation of his light-art works, which continuously take on different shapes and in their reference test any conceivable forms of dealing with light. In doing so, the artist defines and tries ever new special arrangements which in one of the most recent works make an exact positioning of the object and its components necessary.

▼在光影的作用下,人们难以看到物体本身的材质,一切都显得充满科幻感;the effects of light and shadow conceals the materiality of objects and bring people into a fictional world



▼利用光与影的疏密关系创造出平面上的景深感,the density of light and shadow create a sense of depth on a surface

If a universally valid statement is to be made about Kotter’s works, it is difficult to categorise them since their appearance and technical finish open up new spaces of image and thought. Whether in an interaction of colour or black-and-white aesthetics focusing on a shadow effect, the result amazes in what is artistically conceivable and technically feasible. Whether subtle or hidden in a niche of the wall, suspended from the ceiling, exuberantly taking over the room or nearly breaking it open, Kotter’s objects form light sculptures bearing the potential of unexpected appearances that can be exposed to moments of impermanence or consistently change their shape in a rhythmical sequence of presentation. Repetition and standstill, Big Bang and black hole, everything is possible, everything remains open.

▼利用光与特殊的几何图案在物体内部创造出不存在的空间,the light and specific geometries create unreal spaces inside of the object

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