Red LaLa Land in Shanghai, China by Wutopia Lab

The red sound waves with up-and-down form

Project Specs


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Wutopia Lab受上海东方艺术中心委托,联手大界机器人在其中央公共大厅完成了一个名为Red Lala Land的玻璃纤维艺术装置。

Invited by Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Wutopia Lab recently finished a glass-fiber installation called Red LaLa Land in the central lobby of the Art Center together with Roboticplus.

▼装置外观远景,Red Lala Land是一个玻璃纤维艺术装置,distant exterior view, Red LaLa Land is a glass-fiber installation


Simple idea will always be challenged by the reality



▼装置外观近景,位于上海东方艺术中心的中央公共大厅,close exterior view of the installation that is located in the central lobby of the Art Center

Shanghai Oriental Art Center, designed by Paul Andrew, is still one of the most influential musical performance centers in Shanghai, continues to provide world-class musical performances 10 years after its completion. The current issue of the central lobby is that it does not function well to gather patrons for its unfriendly scale and cold color tone.

So, the idea is simple that an accessible warm red space with a human-friendly scale used to change the spatial experience needs to be created in the lobby. The client asked that the add-on design cannot break the existed original decorations, it needs to be finished before the performance season starts on July, the construction has to be done during designated time and meets the fire code at the same time with a relatively low budget.

▼装置外观近景,装置是一个符合人体尺度的、可以进入的红色空间,close exterior view of the installation that is a simple and accessible warm red space with a human-friendly scale

我希望这个装置是轻的,预制的,便于安装的。于是我想到了合作过的大界。经过讨论,我们认为Red LaLa Land需要回应上海东方艺术中心的音乐表演,将声波数字化,并转化为优美的几何形态,三种不同的声波在空间中此起彼落,如同交响乐中不同乐器的演奏,同时亦有合声,声波重合后形成了可以进入装置的开口。这些声波相互高低起伏,塑造出高低连绵交织的一个界面。界面呈现连续的环形,为中央大厅创造了一个小尺度的围合空间,那就是Red LaLa Land。

▼装置平面图,界面呈现连续的环形,the plan of the installation that presents a ring form

The installation is expected to be lightweight, prefab, easy to install. After a discussion with Roboticplus, a digital fabrication company, the installation Red LaLa Land will be using the form of the digitalized soundwave with up-and-down form, which is a perfect response to the musical performance happened in the art center. The undulated wavy form provides intersections that creates boundaries and openings at the same time.

▼装置外观局部,声波状的几何造型创造出可以进入的开口,partial exterior view of the installation, the undulated wavy form provides intersections that create openings

▼装置外观局部,声波相互高低起伏,塑造出高低连绵交织的一个界面,partial exterior view of the installation, the undulated wavy form provides intersections that create boundaries


Simple idea can be achieved by new technique


The installation is made of glass-fiber composite material, which has a red gradient color tone with light red on the top to the dark red on the bottom, creating an effect of warm fire. Uni-body design is used on the structural part with a diameter of 8 meters and maximum height of 3.4 meters and it is broken into 16 modular glass-fiber components with a total weight of 240 KG.

▼装置外观局部,色调以渐变红色为主,partial exterior view of the installation that has a red gradient color tone

▼装置外观局部,色调由下往上从浅红到深红,partial exterior view of the installation in a red gradient color tone with light red on the top to the dark red on the bottom

▼装置外观局部,partial exterior view of the installation

▼装置在地面上的支撑点细节,details of the joint between the installation and the ground


▼装置编织建造图解,diagram of the robotic fiber fabrication technology

Roboticplus just introduced the most advanced robotic fiber fabrication technology from Europe with its own building solution that glass fibers are weaved into one and combined with epoxy resin to make a composite bundle then being weaved again along the path created by the calculated form. The modular form of this installation is varied on different parts and it is successfully done after applying an optimized robotic algorithm with a combination of 3 wooden molds.

▼编织建造过程,construction process


Tech and art


The work took 70 hours to finished by the robotics and 6 hours for the hands-on installation without a single damage to the decoration on the site. The Red LaLa Land now landed on the central lobby hall.


Red Vibe


On July 11th, the day when the 2019 performance seasons starts, people will see a vibrant red installation dancing with the rhythm of music, a little gift from Wutopia Lab to all art lovers in Shanghai.

▼装置外观近景,一个红色的、变化着的装置,close exterior view of the vibrant red installation

业主单位 :上海东方艺术中心
主持建筑师 :俞挺
项目设计师 :赖冠廷
设计单位 :Wutopia Lab
建造单位 :大界机器人
摄影师: CreatAR Images

Design Company: Wutopia Lab
Principal Architect: Yu Ting
Project Architect: Lai Guanting
Client: Shanghai Oriental Art Center
Construction: Roboticplus, Lai Guanting, Lin Zhewei, Ha Yuhong, Lu Yanchen, Huang Peiyi, Wei Lan
Photography: CreatAR Images

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