Reconstruction and Extension Inselhalle Lindau by Auer Weber

To preserve the extant core of the Inselhalle, while equipping it with new uses

Project Specs


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提及林道这座美丽的岛上城市,最著名的莫过于每年在这里举办的“林道诺贝尔奖得主大会”(Nobel Laureate Meetings)。然而日积月累,既有的场地已经不能满足现代的使用需求。为此,林道市政府发起了改造和扩建会议中心的建筑竞赛。

The renowned Nobel Laureate Meetings are the most distinguished among the various conferences that enjoy the flair of the island town of Lindau. Over the years, however, the conference venue was no longer meeting modern demands. Thus, an architectural competition for the reconstruction and extension of the conference center was launched.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view ©Aldo Amoretti

这场竞赛为建造于1981年的会议中心带来了宝贵的重构机会。原先位于Zwanzigerstrasse大街的狭窄且平庸的入口被移至会议中心的东侧,并敞开于连接了街道和湖边走廊的新广场。除了要在会议中心对面修建一座多层的停车场建筑(已于2017年完工,点此查看Inselhalle Lindau停车场项目)之外,竞赛还要求为港务局和船主修建新的消防站、办公空间和淋浴设施。

The competition offered the unique chance to redesign the layout of the conference hall, built in 1981, relocating the entrance from the narrow and unattractive situation on Zwanzigerstrasse to the east side of the hall, opening onto a spacious new plaza extending from the street to the lake promenade. In addition to the multilevel parking garage (completed in 2017, click here to see the project), which was to be erected across the plaza from the Inselhalle, the competition also required an integrated fire station, office space and shower facilities for the harbor master and boat owners.

▼屋顶上新增的小开口标示出新大厅所在的位置,a “little brother” was added in the roof which, viewed from above, would accentuate the new foyer ©Aldo Amoretti


The newly created plaza provides as an imposing entrance to the new Inselhalle and, at the same time, marks the most northerly point of a sequence of plazas leading southward through the medieval town center of Lindau to its historical harbor.

▼新建的广场为会议中心提供了气势宏伟的入口,the newly created plaza provides as an imposing entrance to the new Inselhalle ©Aldo Amoretti

▼广场夜景,night view ©Aldo Amoretti

▼入口平台,entrance area ©Aldo Amoretti


The competition task called for preserving the extant core of the Inselhalle, while equipping it with new uses. Our architectural concept envisaged leaving the hall clearly discernable from the outside by maintaining the striking roof form but also adding a “little brother” which, viewed from above, would accentuate the new foyer. All surrounding building parts were tied into these two raised points by folded polygonal roof facets, producing an overall sculptural gestalt that presents the new Inselhalle as an architectural entity within the urban landscape. Clearly defined incisions and inward folds in the façade emphasize the building’s primary orientations – toward the front plaza, lake promenade, and town gate – and accentuate the approaches, in particular the new main entrance, which is accessed from the plaza.

▼首层大厅,foyer on the ground floor ©Aldo Amoretti

▼餐厅,restaurant ©Aldo Amoretti

▼会议中心主厅,main hall ©Aldo Amoretti

▼地下一层大厅,foyer on the basement floor ©Aldo Amoretti

▼幕帘细部,curtain detailed view ©Aldo Amoretti


An aluminum metal shell underscores the structure’s sculptural quality and stresses the correlation between the two “building blocks” – the Inselhalle and the parking garage. The coated aluminum panels or sheets were used to clad the façades of both buildings and cover the roof of the Inselhalle. The copper color of the outer shell lends the new building a warm and elegant appearance and, at the same time, ties it into the ensemble of Lindau’s historical center with its red tiled roof landscape. Using corrugated aluminum panels to cover the façade with a pattern of irregular, vertical lines, gives the surfaces a homogeneous and, but at the same time, dynamic appearance.

▼会议中心和停车场建筑,the Inselhalle and the parking garage ©Aldo Amoretti


Integrated glazed surfaces are arranged flush with the building volume. In contrast to the sculptural structure of the Inselhalle building, the outer ramps and stairways as well as the lake terrace plinths are rendered in exposed concrete.

▼Zwanzigerstrasse大街视角,view from Zwanzigerstrasse ©Aldo Amoretti

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan


Location: Zwanzigestraße 10, 88131 Lindau
Client: City of Lindau
Operator: Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH
Contact person: Carsten Holz
Auer Weber, Munich; Till Richter (Person in charge), Florian Zopfy (Project director), Doris Binder, Daniela Hohenhorst, Duc Hua, Christina Stein, Daniela Sacher, Mohan Zeng; Parts of the tendering: Axel Hellmes; Construction management: Heinz Wendl, Markus Schoch, Martin Stang, Franz Stinner, Michael Wegner, Moritz Wolf
Landscape Architect:
Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten, Munich
Structural engineeringBoll und Partner, Stuttgart
Technical equipment:
Ingenieurgesellschaft für HaustechnikWetzstein, Herrenberg (heating, venti- lation, and plumbing); Raible + Partner, Ditzingen (electrical engineering)
Fire safetymhd Brandschutz, Konstanz
WayfndingSägenvier DesignKommunikation, Dornbirn (A)
Project controllingHitzler Ingenieure, Munich
Surfaces: GFA 10,360 m2 , GIV 58.600 m3
Competition 2010
Commissioned in 2014
Construction begin 2015
Completion 2018
Program:Preservation of the existing nucleus of the main hall and its integration into the new functions.
Functions: 3 combinable halls, 12 conference rooms, 46 variations; max. capacity 2,000 persons

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