REBELnightclub by Studio Munge

the nightclub inspired by Roberto Cavalli gown

Project Specs

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Rebel位于多伦多的工业区“The Portland’s”,其所在的酒店群由INK Entertainment和maverick Charles共同开发。Studio Munge对场地上曾经的The Sound Academy 进行了大规模的改造,保留了原有的空间,打造其成为新的娱乐场所。拥有全方位服务的Rebel酒店为加拿大最大的夜总会的经营打下了一个良好的基础,形成了一个白天可用于聚会而夜晚作为夜总会的独特空间,它的舞台能够容纳世界上最有影响力的表演者们。

Rebel, located in Toronto’s industrial district “The Portland’s” is the newest venture from the hospitality group, INK Entertainment and maverick Charles Khabouth. What used to be The Sound Academy has been extensively remodeled by Studio Munge, leaving the old space behind and moving into the future of Canadian entertainment venues. Rebel is a full-service adaptable hospitality venue, offering the perfect setting for Canada’s largest nightclub, a corporate day meeting space and concert hall with its stage capable of hosting the biggest performers in the world.

▼绚丽的夜店主区域,gorgeous nightclub general area

▼夜店舞池中32英尺同步旋转的中央圆灯营造出身临其境的灯光,the 32 feet synchronized rotating centric circle light system in the concert hall create immersive light

Studio Munge希望营造出一种多功能,令人兴奋的娱乐体验,吸引各种不同兴趣和背景的客人,成为一个完美的娱乐场所。Rebel包含四大主题:强烈的音乐效果,身临其境的灯光,感性的形式和触觉的细节感受。设计团队从知名国际酒店,娱乐场所,音乐和时尚领域获得灵感,集合形成了夜店的最初的创意构想——一件Roberto Cavalli连衣裙,以此展开了的设计,当Rebel开门营业的时候,这件可爱的连衣裙就衍化成一种魅力和野性并存的象征。

Studio Munge’s vision was to create a multi-functional, exciting entertainment experience, attracting a clientele from a range of interests and backgrounds. The result is a complete entertainment escape.Rebel encompasses four key themes; powerful sound, immersive light, sensual forms and tactile details. We took inspiration from international hospitality and entertainment venues, the music and fashion sectors. International cities and luxury fashion were a key ingredient, as our original creative concept and mood stemmed from a Roberto Cavalli gown. Our narratives continue to evolve, and by the time Rebel opened its doors, that lovely dress had blossomed into a symbolic motif of woman and animal.

▼从DJ台望向舞池,the dance floor view from the DJ booth

▼32英尺同步旋转的中央圆灯细节,details of the 32 feet synchronized rotating centric circle light system


The goal: every person who walks into the space to experience sensory overload. If you weren’t touching the plush velvet coat check it was because you were captivated by the 32 feet synchronized rotating centric circle light system suspended above the dance floor. With extensive attention detail, the venue includes high resistant stiletto proof banquettes, curved LED faced balconies, unparalleled sound technology, full spec custom furnishings and lighting, and the best view and sightlines of not only the stage, but of the incredible Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario.

▼舞池后的吧台,the bar behind the dance floor

▼LED屏幕对面的的弯曲二层楼座,curved LED faced balconies

▼霓虹灯装饰的弯曲楼座,curved balconies decorated with neon

该项目的成功之处在于:Studio Munge不仅仅对场地本身进行了重新的设计;更是从结构和体验的角度对夜店主题进行了重新的构想,并且大量的设计、热情、精力和金钱被投入到墙面、定制的家具,固件设施和设备、音响和灯光系统中,创造出这个超现实的空间和给人难忘的沉浸式体验。

With great success, the venue went through so much more than a redesign; it was completely reimagined from a structural and experiential perspective. An incredible amount of planning, passion, energy and money was invested into the walls, the custom FF&E pieces, the sound and light systems to create more than an event space, an unforgettable immersive experience.

▼从Roberto Cavalli礼服中得到的灵感构想出的入口装饰, entrance inspired by a Roberto Cavalli gown to create a symbolic motif of woman and animal

▼定制的内饰细节,details of  custom FF&E pieces

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