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overview of the design © Johan Viladrich

A 1500mm steel plate leans onto two 800mm tall steel tubes. The three elements are connected with large custom made steel bolts. The mono-material piece is smoothly sanded and waxed to reveal the truest colour of steel.

the combination of steel elements © Johan Viladrich


two 800mm tall steel tubes © Johan Viladrich

custom made steel bolts © Johan Viladrich

the combination © Johan Viladrich

This radical assemblage is the result of a continuous investigation into rational forms and archetypes. By using industrially produced elements and non-definitive connections, it questions the position of the designer as a maker, and the value usually attached to the trace of the hand. Here, as there is no patina nor welding, no stylizing nor drawing, all marks of the maker have vanished. What remains is the purity of the material, highlighted via a subtle surface treatment, and a rigourous work of proportions.

the console in the room © Johan Viladrich

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更多关于:Johan Viladrich on gooood 




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