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Hideaway in Raval is a sporadic living studio for a young entrepreneur who travels continuously for work. He was in search of a space inside the city center where, if wanted, he could get contaiged by the cities vibrance and at the same time, when in need, isolate himself by using it as a rest&work hideaway. The existing 55sqm ground floor cavelike space had been used previously as an old motorcycle workshop and, later on, as a squatting house. Ceilings were extremely low, the organization of the space was unexisting and the front door neighbor hosts a very loud social club that serves as a bar in which patrons enjoy outside group debating and drinking.

▼住宅入口,the entrance ©Jose Hevia


As the existing ground floor access door generated a very violent connection between the road and the studio, it was essential to integrate an intermediate buffer garden area. This garden buffer area serves as a way to get light inside and also act as an acoustic and privacy barrier from the street. This buffer is created by having two opposing layers of facade. First, an exterior light-permeable perforated iron sheet folding door that can be totally opened and gives a gradient of visual privacy to the apartment. And second, a glass and metal frame sliding window structure that shuts down direct noise from across the pedestrian street. The space between these two skins can be totally or partially opened, with a large number of variations. A metal built-in bench completes the setup, ideal for reunions and dining or simply smoking and reading or chilling when in desire to look and gaze at the wonders of melting pot street life.

▼入口处的花园,由外部透光的穿孔铁板折叠门和内部的金属框架推拉窗结构限定出来,the intermediate buffer garden area at the entrance, defined by the exterior light-permeable perforated iron sheet folding door and the interior glass and metal frame sliding window structure ©Jose Hevia


▼从入口花园看起居空间,viewing the living area from the entrance garden ©Jose Hevia

▼位于前半部分的起居空间,开向毗邻着街道的花园,the front living area opening to the street garden ©Jose Hevia

▼起居空间局部,使用白色环氧树脂地板,并在其上涂以光泽漆,partial view of the living area, using white epoxy resin flooring with an extra coat of gloss ©Jose Hevia

▼起居空间局部,墙上设有壁扇,partial view of the living area with wall fans ©Jose Hevia

Once inside, the studio is divided into two areas. A front living, dining and working area which opens to the street garden and a more intimate and quiet back area where the bedroom is placed. Built-in furniture is generated to both act as partitions and to optimize the existing space thus granting a greater sense of breadth. One of the studios most inconvenient trait was the low ceilings which automatically made one feel they had to duck once entering the space, thus, it was decided to use a continuous ethereal flooring material which could reflect the space and create a greater sense of amplitude. This was done by using white epoxy resin flooring with an extra coat of gloss to strengthen the reflection and create the effect of a floating floor, countering the perception of low ceiling and enhancing the feeling of a cozy haven. Flooring remains continuous throughout the studio and, when in the bathroom, creates an extra wide inbuilt monolithic bathtub and rain shower.

▼从卧室看起居空间,viewing the living area from the bedroom ©Jose Hevia

▼位于后半部分的卧室,更为私密和安静,the more intimate and quiet bedroom at the back area ©Jose Hevia

壁扇和纺织品也由Mariana de Delás和Marcos Duffo设计和生产,不仅满足了客户对空间的需求和对美学的要求,更创造出一个整体的、和谐的室内空间。

Wall fans and textiles are also designed and produced by Mariana de Delás and Marcos Duffo to meet the needs and aesthetics of the space, creating the unitary image we envisioned.

▼壁扇细节,wall fans details ©Jose Hevia

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©Mariana de Delás + Marcos Duffo

Project name: Raval Hideaway
Architects: Mariana de Delás + Marcos Duffo
Location: Raval -Barcelona – Spain
Year: 2017
Area: 55m2
Photography: Jose Hevia

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