Ramble – Architects Who Love to Draw – Su Pengcheng

Architect who loves to draw

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Rumble, to take a glance at the world by wandering. Ramble is an album including many sub-albums, and this sub-album is about architects who love drawing. Someone uses computer to draw illustrations and to make maps; someone sketches by writing brushes; someone develops an App for doodling. Some of them changed their professions and devote into the Internet industry, and some of them still work as architects and insist on their study of drawing. How do those architects who love drawing live and create?


This sub-album of Rumble, “architects who love drawing”, includes 4 episodes, and here’s the second episode:Su Beike (Su Chengpeng), graduated a rchitect from South China University of Technology, founder of Toshow, an app brought more than 4 million drawings together.

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