Radiance by Haberdashery

The joy of pure colour

Project Specs

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The ‘Radiance’ Collectables explore the moment a sunset expresses its full intensity in colour, creating a raw emotional bond with the viewer.


Through careful exploration of the colour combinations found inour shared experience of sunsets, we selected three shades (amber, yellow and blue) to represent the infinite range of hues created as photons pass through atmospheric particles before reaching our eyes. Each Radiance edition shows a range of colour that is both recognisable and yet unique; a fleeting moment frozen in raw colour. They are intended to interact with daylight and can be positioned near a large window allowing real sunshine to create bold arcs of colour that slowly drift through the space. Alternatively spotlights can be used to compose the washes of coloured light.


Each sculpture consists of 6 dual-layered glass planes sitting in an illuminated acrylic ‘solar’ cross-section. Every layer of glass is carefully engineered and beautifully finished to provide a micro and macro level of aesthetics, allowing viewers to lose themselves in the perfection of the moment representing the cycle of planetary rotation whilst orbiting our nearest star.

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