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Diverse relationship between floral art and space

Project Specs


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Rs 是一家有着强烈自我叙述特征的独立花艺表达者,0321去年完成了他们在国内的一家教学基地,一个集培训教学,品牌展示,花艺零售的综合使用场,希望通过改造后的空间形象表现全新的rs,、同时更好的呈现花艺与空间的多样关系。

RSociety is an independent floral expressionist with strong self-narrative characteristics. 0321 completed their teaching base in China last year. It is a comprehensive use field that integrates training and teaching, brand display, and floral retail. Rs hopes that the designed spatial appearance will demonstrate a brand-new Rs, which simultaneously show the diverse relationship between floral art and space better.

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©Meat mountain


At the beginning of the project, we raised a question about self-organization, and practiced it through the whole project; The closed façade cuts off the interior space from the outside world to some extent. What kind of coexistence mode do the extremely vibrant flower plants and cold stone metal have and what possibilities can it bring to floral creation and teaching?

▼轴测图,连通的空间,axonometric, continuous space ©0321 studio


Regarding the way to enter the building, we hope that it is not only in the path of people flow, but also maintains some interesting interaction between the visual and the small forest on the front of the building. Using a narrow entrance and high reflection imaging as a “gate” to mirror the surroundings can assemble the external changing reality on the clean building façade.

▼窄小的入口,narrow entrance ©Meat mountain

▼高反射材料的门映射周围环境,door of high-reflectance material reflecting the surrounding environment ©Meat mountain


The project is based on two connected asymmetrical spaces. A whole unity is built by using a multi-functional long block and different materials. The retail, salon, operation, reception, and teaching are implemented around the operation table. Integrating storage function, the unit disperses the flow of people and moving positions on both sides of the bar operation table.

▼入口接待区,reception ©Meat mountain

▼镜面金属延伸空间,mirrored metal panels extending the space ©Meat mountain


The design integrates the cluttered cascades of the original building, so that the space can obtain the change in the ascending direction in addition to the horizontal extension, and concurrently affect the change of the elongated console with the height difference.

▼操作台轴测图,axonometric of the operation table ©0321 studio

▼随高差变化的操作台,operation table changing according to the height difference ©Meat mountain

▼休息区位于低处转角,resting area located in the lower space at the corner ©Meat mountain

▼休息处,resting area ©Meat mountain


The simple and sturdy linear arrangement of the ceilings and the zonal lighting in slices provide more uniform and precise lighting conditions for the brightness and good color rendering of flowers and vegetation, highlighting the existence of mutual creation between flowers and florists in this space.

▼线性屋顶,linear ceiling ©Meat mountain

▼洗手池,washing sink ©Meat mountain

▼材料细部,material details ©Meat mountain

Project Name: R SOCIETY
Architecture Firm: 0321 studio
Lead Architects: buyang zheng
Website: www.0321studio.com
Contact e-mail: info@0321studio.com
Firm Location: shenzhen, China
Completion Year: 03.05.2020
Gross Built Area: 180㎡
Project location: Hubin Zun Garden, area C, Zhongxing Lakeside City, Yixing, China

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