Qin Garden – Renovation of an old house in Taizhou, China by DOES Design

Retaining the memory of the old house

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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项目背景 | Background


Party A who settled in South America entrusted us with reconstruction of her ancestral house. Her father’s wish before his death was to renovate this house. She told us that, her father took care of her when she was little, so she wanted to remember her father by this house.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


The design thought of the overall project started from function to architectural forms and then returned to function again.

▼设计手稿,design sketch


设计灵感 | Inspiration


Design inspiration: as for the building outline, the designer was inspired by a Chinese term, namely “守护” (which means to guard and defend), and designed the building outline on the basis of a gesture. The traditional gate is in contrast with the new building outline, resulting in an effect of time travel.

▼传统的院门和新的建筑轮廓产生对话,the traditional gate is in contrast with the new building outline

▼半围合的庭院,the semi-enclosed courtyard


The solar lighting system on courtyard walls will light up automatically when the sun goes down, as if it welcomes children who come back home. Functionally, it makes up for the shortage of road lighting in the village and illuminates for pedestrians.

▼院墙照明补充了村中原本不足的路面照明,the lighting system on courtyard walls illuminates for the pedestrians in the village


We cut one Mount Tai stone into two parts, where the bigger part was placed in the open air, while the smaller one in the ancestral hall. They play a role in blocking sight as screens.

▼祠堂内部,ancestral hall

▼两块泰山石在内外形成呼应,the stones dialogue with each other in different spaces


As Party A settled down overseas, we defined the building as a holiday villa. Unlike traditional holiday villas, it has an ancestral hall. The ancestral hall is not only for ancestor worship, but includes objects relating the past of the old house. In the future, used furniture and objects will be displayed in the room and it will be more like a family museum.

▼从室内望向庭院,view to the courtyard from interior

▼客厅,living room

▼旋转楼梯与书架,the spiral staircase and the bookcase

▼客厅上方的挑空空间,the ceiling void above the living room

▼楼梯细部,staircase detailed view

▼二层交通空间,circulation area on the 2nd floor

▼俯瞰客厅,overlook to the living room


After reconstruction, the building can meet needs of accommodation, family gathering and activity of children. We hope it can carry memory, offer comfortable living experience and continue to grow.


▼独特的弧形窗户,the arc-shaped opening

▼阅读室,reading room

▼整体鸟瞰,aerial view of the site

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing

▼1F平面图置,plan F1

▼2F平面图置,plan F2

摄影:CreatAR Images

Name of project: Qin Garden
Location of project: ancestral house of Tongxin Village, Taizhou, Jiangsu
Floor area of project: 405m²
Original floor area of project: 140m²
Newly-built floor area of project: 371m²
Architectural and interior design team: DOES Design
Chief designer: Wang Shuai
Project team: Xu Wanlun, Du Mengcheng, Lv Xiangwei, Xu Huilong and Zhao Wei
Design content: design of architecture, indoor space, soft decoration and courtyards.
Main material: high-quality cement, oak, rubber wood, FLUA illumination, white emulsion paint and aluminum plates
Construction side: Nanjing Daisi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd
Photographer: CreatAR Images

More:DOES设计事务所(联系:13675148768 杨小姐)