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本项目为etoa studio事务所为在线直播节目“ NEOJAPAN未来会议”设计搭建的演播室场景装置。项目旨在探索利用AR技术完成复杂结构搭建的实操性。

▼视频,video © etoa studio

A studio set for an online event for NEOJAPAN Inc., a Japanese company that develops groupware. This project is exploring how we can materialize a complex structure which cannot be achieved without Augmented Reality.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © etoa studio

Progression “进展”装置仅由两种类型的电镀单管和通用的连接构件组合而成,通过参数化设计,这些简单的构件元素最终以复杂的三维几何形态展示在人们眼前。根据万向夹具的可动范围,etoa studio事务所设计了五组双曲率相交的圆形图案,作为每位节目嘉宾的座位范围。

Through parametric design, we pursued how complex and three-dimensional geometry can be achieved with the structure of only ready-made products, steel pipes with two types of galvanizing and universal clamps for joint. Within the condition of the motion range of universal clamp, we designed double curvature which intersect and draw circular pattern for five panelists of the show.

▼钢管围合出嘉宾座位,steel pipes enclose the guest seat © etoa studio

▼简单的电镀单管以复杂的三维几何形态展示出来,three-dimensional geometry achieved with steel pipes © etoa studio


This design responds to the quality of the event that represents many aspects by camerawork. The geometry was difficult to position from drawings alone, but by using Augmented Reality, it became possible to construct in about 5 hours of assembly time. We used this technology for a three-dimensional guidance which constructors can share and position materials in a right way.

▼利用AR技术来帮助工作人员完成安装,Using AR technology to help staff complete the installation © etoa studio

此次搭建的Progression “进展”为临时装置,根据节目的档期安排,在不久的未来还将多次举办此类活动。因此,etoa studio事务所计划在今后采用相同的材料与方式,继续对装置的形态进行改变与推演。

It is a temporary event, but we are aiming to respond to the events scheduled to be held several times in the near future, and to be able to change the shape and evolve while using the same materials next time.

▼装置细部,details of the installation © etoa studio

Title: Progression
Year: December, 2020
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Type: studio set
Photography: etoa studio

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