Private dwelling house by CHADO Architectural Studio

Symmetric house emphasized by furnace

Project Specs


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A house for a family of four people uses the idea of a contrast between a monumental “shell” – and a transparent, filled with light and air “inside”. Squat forms of reinforced concrete are coated with bricks and stones, and panoramic glazing opens a view to the interior, which becomes a full-fledged element of the architecture. The symmetry of the building is dynamically emphasized by the pipe of a two-sided fireplace, which runs straight through the center of the facade.

external view of the project, pipe emphasizing the symmetry of the building


The abundance of greenery gives the atmosphere to these project: which is intimate and cozy, in virtue of the diversity of plants and fruit trees, which were planted by the perimeter of the patio. There is the summer kitchen with the brazier zone and dinner table in this part of the house. The interior and exterior we had united by the extension panoramic windows on the rear facade. The huge windows connect the kitchen-guest room with the terrace on the backyard, where situate the big overflow pool and the stone grotto with the pond for fish.

glass facade unified the interior and outdoor space

terrace connecting with the interior

▼泳池旁的休息区,resting area beside the swimming pool

▼露台中的夏季厨房和餐桌,summer kitchen and dining table on the terrace


The main conception of this modern interior had become the honest architecture of the house. The warm tone of furniture veneer and beams made of white wood give the coziness even to such a big and open space as kitchen-dining-room. Among materials, the main role was given to wild pitch-faced stone of dark red tone. We use it as in an interior so in the facade — it penetrates the roof and panoramic windows. The double-sided fireplace consists of the stone, which connects two-zones: the dining room and guest-room.

pitch-faced stone in dark red tone used in both interior and exterior

▼双面火炉,double-sided furnace


▼客厅,living space

▼材料形成温馨亲密的氛围,intimate and warm atmosphere created by the materials

▼一层客厅兼书房,study and living room on the first floor

▼旋转楼梯,spiral staircase

▼夜景,night view

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©CHADO Architectural Studio

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©CHADO Architectural Studio

Built area: 400 m²
Floors: 2
Rooms: 7

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