Prisme by ATELIER VECTEUR + Karole Biron + Jose Luis Torres

An object and the object as a place

Project Specs

Design Firm:

感谢 ATELIER VECTEUR 予gooood分享以下内容。 Appreciation towards ATELIER VECTEUR for providing the following description:


To approach the problem of the smart city from a technological point of view would be pointless if we do not associate the citizens who practise it. “Prisme” then proposes to users of the St Côme courtyard to take a new look at this urban environment through a reflection on the relationship between “inside” and “outside”, “visible” and “invisible”.

▼项目概览,project overview


The pavilion is an invitation to stroll, mystery, play and visitor interaction. It defines a space of exchange and communication. The raw wood brings a colour, a texture and a smell impacting the whole of the court, modifying it the time of the festival to better mark the visitors and to invite them to put in scene. Convergence, interaction, encounter and play are the key words to tackle this book.

▼“棱镜”构建出一个交流和沟通的空间,the pavilion defines a space of exchange and communication


“Prism” blurs the inner/outer relationship and questions us about the issues of perception of spaces. Like an organism that believes, its forms push the limits, expanding into space and its accents of colour call the gaze into an extension of the forms in movement. The dialogue between wood and stone, their differences in mass, temperature, light, offers us a subtle exchange and induces a reflection on the notions of scale.

▼“棱镜”如有机体般突破边界,the forms push the limits like an organism


The architectonic space loses the privilege of containing and dominating the objects that compose it. The place is interpreted as an object and the object as a place.

▼从街道望向庭院内部,view to the courtyard from the street


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