Preschool of Ouled Merzoug by BC architects

A preschool with bioclimatic functioning

Project Specs


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The Preschool of Ouled Merzoug comes from a holistic architectural design, incorporating community dynamics, bioclimatics and a new vernacular style. In need of educational infrastructure, Goodplanet foundation aims to install a preschool with bioclimatic functioning, as an extension to the existing school building.

▼全景鸟瞰,aerial view

▼土坯体量和土木混合的平屋顶,a structure with adobe walls and a wood-and-earth flat roof

▼建筑外观,exterior view


The building is inspired by a new vernacular from local typologies, materials and techniques, with a contemporary look, performant bio-climatic functioning and earthquake proof design.

▼建筑的基座部分由当地自然形成的石材构成,the preschool of Ouled Merzoug has foundations of locally sourced nature stone



The preschool of Ouled Merzoug has foundations of locally sourced nature stone, with adobe walls, a wood-and-earth flat roof. The exterior finishing is done with a “tamelass” render, a mix of 2 earths, straw and sand, while the interior finishing is made of polished “nouss-nouss”, a “half-half” of earth and gypsum to create a breathable interior plaster which diffuses indirect sunlight.

▼外墙表面由两种土料、稻草和沙子混合而成,the exterior finishing is done with a “tamelass” render, a mix of 2 earths, straw and sand


▼屋檐处用于收集雨水的装置,the installation for collecting water from the roof


The southeast and northwest façades which have harsh low-sun impacts are protected by tree or courtyard shadows, while the south façade has a cavity wall for insulation and a big thermal mass, making the building cool during the day, but warmer through the night until the morning.

▼庭院为东南立面和西北立面带来荫蔽,the southeast and northwest façades are protected by tree or courtyard shadows


▼庭院细部,courtyard view




▼可组合的桌子,modular tables

▼教室细部,classroom detailed view


The classroom links to two courtyards, one on each side. Both courtyards can be read as the playground for the smaller ones (3-6 years) but can be used as an external classroom for storytelling and other activities. These courtyards are elevated due to the topography of the site and link to a bigger front garden giving access to the rest of the school.

▼庭院可以用作游戏空间和户外教室,the courtyard can be used as a playground or an external classroom



▼墙面细部,facade detail


▼施工照片,construction phase


▼西北立面图,northwest elevation

▼东南立面图,southeast elevation

▼东北立面图,northeast elevation

▼西南立面图,southwest elevation

▼纵剖面图,longitudinal section

▼横剖面图,cross section

Project Description: Bio-climatic Preschool 

Location: Ouled Merzoug, Morocco

Client: the community of Ouled Merzoug and the Goodplanet Foundation
Architect: BC architects

Earth consultant: BC studies 

Cooperation: Isabelle Verhoeven, Bregt Hoppenbrouwers, Tommaso Bisogno, Christopher Weijchert.

Budget: 35.000 € (VAT excl.)

Surface: 172m2 building + 250m2 landscaping

Concept: 2016

Status: Built January 2017

More:BC architects。更多关于他们:BC architects on gooood

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