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DHX Media是世界知名的电视及网络媒体公司,由它出品的一系列栏目如Yo Gabba Gabba,Inspector Gadget,Slug Terra等都享有良好声誉。该公司成长迅速,在多伦多,哈里法克斯和洛杉矶都开设了分部,此次更是将脚步踏足温哥华。DHX旗下拥有众多加拿大最有才华的2D和3D卡通片艺术家,对他们来说,DHX就是动画世界的天堂。

Globally recognizable for brands such as Yo Gabba Gabba, Inspector Gadget and Slug Terra, DHX Media is a proud producer of award-winning children’s animated and live action television and online content. A rapidly expanding company, with major offices in Toronto, Halifax, Los Angeles and now Vancouver, DHX employs some of Canada’s most talented 2D and 3D animation artists, many of which call the recently completed Vancouver animation studio home.

▼接待入口,entrance view


该项目彰显了DHX的巨大野心,5层约75,000平方英尺占地面积的大厦,将容纳包括温哥华当地视觉艺术家和其他雇员在内的750位员工。该建筑坐落于温哥华Mount Pleasant社区,是当地的一处靓丽风景。新建筑实现了高效与低光照生产区之间的平衡,为使用者提供了更有助于协作和创作的空间,增强了员工的福利与工作环境。作为实现上述优势的基础,设计师利用建筑核心较暗区域作为生产区,并在环中心外围设置灵活的休闲空间,为员工提供更为自由和随意的工作空间,鼓励临时会面和协作互动,提供轻松惬意的休闲处所。大量运用的枫木板墙壁和色彩出挑的羊毛毡,为努力和勤奋的雇员们创造更为温馨和舒适的工作环境。

The initial brief was ambitious and called for a vast, consolidated studio space that would house its 750 Vancouver-based visual artists and management staff within a 5-storey, 75,000 sq.ft. building in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. This brief identified the need for a balance between efficient, low-light production areas, a mixture of spaces for collaborative creativity and of course zones that would enhance employee well-being and the studio community. In response, Evoke utilized the naturally darker, core areas of the building for production and surrounded these with a network of contrasting breakout and meeting spaces that enabled areas for group work or simply a coffee break. Maple wall panelling, wool felt with pops of bold colour were used extensively throughout these areas to create warm and stimulating alternative environments for the hard-working staff.

▼色彩丰富的公共空间,pops of bold color

▼在环中心外围设置灵活的休闲空间,a network of contrasting breakout and meeting spaces are surrounding the core space


▼会议室:用木墙围合出亲密的空间氛围,meeting room: using wood to create warm and stimulating alternative environments


▼打造舒适氛围的羊毛毡装饰,using wool felt to create the intimacy of the working space

Completion date: 2017
Building levels: 5

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